Shoe Sunday – Oprah Said So.


I love Oprah. I just adore the woman, hate on me if you will. :) For me Oprah was incredibly influential and important in my upbringing in so many ways. She was the first female non-stick-thin person regularly on my teevee as a child turning into a teenager.

So, when Oprah told me in 2006 on her shoe that Cole Haan shoes were super comfortable, I wanted me a pair of those shoes SO BAD.


The Cole Haan “Gilmore” Ballet Flat
Some colours are still available on Zappos for $99.99 a pair

I first spotted the Cole Haan store in Hawaii in 2011 but I had shopped up a storm by that point and was low on funds. My mother would not even go into the store, she said it looked too fancy to her. And I said But MUM, Oprah told me to shop here. If Oprah shops here, you can shop here too! But my Mum, when she gets a notion, that is how things are gonna be.

We are talking about my mother, the same woman who refused to go to David Jones in Adelaide because they had a live piano player and that was far too fancy for her liking.


When planning our 2013 trip, I was determined. I am getting a pair of Cole Haan ballerina flats, no matter what happens. I even budgeted for it. To buy them here in Australia is crazy expensive, and I did not want to spoil myself for the experience by looking at the shoes online before we went, so I budgeted $500 for one pair.

Imagine my shock when I tried on a pair to find out they were just $120 USD. I was so thrilled I bought two pairs. This is one of them. Somewhat hilariously, Gilmore is the electorate that I live in! Clearly it was meant to be.


Imagine my complete and utter NON shock to discover they were the most comfortable shoes I ever put on!

Oprah told me they would be.

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2 thoughts on “Shoe Sunday – Oprah Said So.

  1. That’s a lot of money for one pair of shoes, so to have them more expensive in Australia, means our price must be horrific. I don’t think it’s fair that so many things cost way too much more here in Australia than in America or Europe.
    I’m glad the shoes are super comfy.

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