Costco Part Four


Now for some random bits and pieces –

There are really big bags of chips.


And huge bags of Cheezels!


Peanuts – 1.13kg for $10.38

Peanuts are not a part of the Paleo diet, which is one reason for all the other nuts listed on the previous post, you can make those into nut butter. ;) Let me just say these Costco peanuts are huge and soooo delicious. ;)


Preshafruit Apple Juice -2 litres for 4.79 great value


American Style Bacon –

Canadian bacon is much more awesome. Costco stock all kinds, including turkey bacon.


Massive Calamari bags, yum!


Sliced lite cheese 3 x 500g packets.


Tasty cheese – even better value.


We love these cheesy pots.

They are frozen, so you can pop a couple into the oven when baking chicken or while you cook up some steaks etc, and have a potato side. There are 10 in a box, so it works out to $1.08 per potato.


Cholula Hot Sauce


Cocoa Butter

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5 thoughts on “Costco Part Four

  1. With packets that size, Costco would be a good place to shop if you were having a party. For 50 people.
    Those cheesy potato things look nice and that’s a great bargain on the cocoa butter lotion package!

    • They also have really nice salads for parties – I love the bean salad which is extremely tasty. It comes in a 1.1kg container, so I can eat a large scoop of the beans each day for 7 days. And it has edamame. :)

    • I love the Palmers stuff. Sometimes Costco has items direct from the US that we don’t often see here, too.

      The one thing I most want to see there but never have is forest fruit flavoured Tums – sort of like our Quickeze but they are flavoured so much nicer, and much less chalky.. :) I brought back plenty of them from the states last trip but I won’t be going back for a while..

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