The Final Costco Post This Trip.

Costco can be great value. To get the most out of Costco shopping, you need to know your prices, and you need to know when something is good value.

The numbers thing is pretty easy for me due to the Aspergers, I have a decent memory for numbers especially when it comes to fruit and veg – I can tell you how much I last paid for avocadoes or potatoes or strawberries.

At Costco they had 1.4kg of super decent looking strawberries for $9.99. I had recently given up buying strawberries here for the most part, after opening too many ok looking punnets to find the middle was mouldy.

Then they had 4x avocadoes for $9.99 – I last bought 6x avocadoes for $6.99 at Aldi, so I passed those by.


Coffee Mate –

I use these for drinking tea because it keeps the drink hot but still gives you the creamy flavour of milk added.


Tea Bag Set

These tea bags are pretty expensive in the supermarkets. I have the orange and cinnamon one and love it.


Pork hot dogs

The very same ones you will find at the food court.


Tony Romas Pulled Pork

I know some people love Tony Romas – I have never been, but if you have a craving for some of the pulled pork you can get it here.


Seaweed Snacks


A Massive Bag-O’-Snakes


Dettol hand wash – they had foaming too


Hair, Skin and Nails –

Vitamins are incredibly good value at Costco. I’ve paid this price for 60 capsules or tablets before.



These multivitamins are excellent as well. Just a very large tablet. These are larger than the Aldi ones – I did have some trouble but you can always cut them in half if you wanted.

For Costco to be good value, you also need to be able to say no to things, which I usually fail at but on our most recent trip we had a budget of $500 and we came in $25 under it.

Do You Costco?

I would love to hear about your experiences. :) Leave a comment!

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