Costco Part Two – Paleo

One of the not-great things about eating Paleo is that it can be very costly. So, you want to save every cent you can on buying the essentials that you need. There’s a lot of meat, fresh fruit and veg, loads of nuts, coconut oil and flour.. Plus if you want to sweeten anything, you want to use things like coconut sugar or agave.

When I first tried eating Paleo, you had two choices to source some of the items – online, or via health food stores. I’ve paid truly obscene prices for coconut oil and sugar.

Even though I am not eating paleo anymore I much prefer cooking with coconut oil, and sweetening things with lower GI forms of sugar such as coconut sugar or agave so the prices at Costco are amazingly awesome.


Costco coconut sugar 1kg for $7.59.


Costco Agave – 2x 700ml bottles for $11.59


Coconut Flour – 1kg $5.99


Coconut Oil – 900g for $13.59


UHT coconut milk – 6x 400ml for $7.99


Coconut Water – 12x 330ml for $13.99

Pecans – 908g for $16.99


Pine Nuts – 680g for $30.79


Pistachios – 1.36kg for $24.99


Walnuts – 1.36kg for $23.99

If you are eating Paleo you can save yourself money, even with the yearly membership fees of $60 or $55 for a business and you can source a lot of sometimes difficult to find things in one location by shopping at Costco.

More nuts next Monday!

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