Costco Part Three – More Nuts.

Now, more nuts. People love nuts, right! :)

Lets take a look at the Almond to begin with.


Almond Milk – Costco – $2.47 per 1 litre pack.


Whole Almonds – 1.36kg for $18.99


Dry Roasted – 1.13kg for $19.49


Smokehouse – 1.08kg for $20.99


Slivered Almonds – 1kg for $16.49


Flaked Almonds – 700g $11.89


Cashews – 1.13kg for $20.89


Mixed Nuts – 1.13kg for $22.48


Unsalted mixed nuts – 1.13kg for $24.68


Next Monday, assorted Costco pics that have not found a home in other posts yet.. ;)

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2 thoughts on “Costco Part Three – More Nuts.

  1. Two things I love about this –

    You can tell all of the items that are imported from over here – they have the oddball amounts, like the Smokehouse Almonds, 1.08kg (which is an oddball amount even here, 38oz, 2lb. 6oz.). Also the oddly aligned nutritional information label is a giveaway on those.

    Also, the smokehouse almonds themselves; they sampled them a while back at one of ours and those are awesomeness in themselves.

    Now, does your Costco have the Macadamia nuts? Ours originally had them from Mauna Loa, but then switched to another company which imported from Spain and now KS are mixing their own from “around the world” with no disclosure of locations.

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