Where Do Your Shoes Live?

Sometimes the best ideas come to you as a surprise via the blog posts of other people. Suger from Suger Coat It wrote a post called – The triumphant return of the sneaker – and I commented – This inspires me to start a weekly feature about sneakers. I have so many pairs!

But then I thought, why limit it to one kind of shoe? Why not have a weekly shoe post? Each pair of shoes will receive a good cleaning in preparation for being posted – and the other half is Building Me A Photography Box especially for this project.

But before I begin this new blog feature – which will start on Sunday next week, I want to show you where my shoes live – and invite you to join me and show the world where your shoes live.


I will like to take you inside my Accessory Room.

Before you even open the door, there is a Scarf Bar –


This is a simple thing to create – some over the door hooks and you too can have a scarf bar. I got mine from Aldi but a lot of places stock over the door hooks. Some of the hooks are holding more than one scarf which is super handy.


If you don’t have a lot of room but you do have a lot of scarves, this is a simple yet great way to store them, all you need is a door and some over the door hooks.


The door to this room is usually left open because this is also Paper Goods From Costco Nirvana. I am not running out of toilet paper, paper towel, or tissues anytime soon. And to this I say, Jesse Pinkman Style, YEAH BITCH, COSTCO! because if there is one thing I hate, it is running out of essentials like that. ;)


On the back of the door there is a Jewellery Organiser which also holds spare phone cases. Spot the Swarovski one for my old iPhone there? It is sparkly. :) I also have a Swarovski one for the present phone.


Inside the room there is a Jewellery Cupboard – which also doubles as a Handbag Storage Unit, and holder of the Super Holographic Duct Tape. Yes, I like it when things have more than one use. It is extra useful! And here is a sneak peek inside.


And now we arrive at the Shoe Cupboard. It is usually closed, to keep Dust away from The Shoes.


The big green bag on the outside is a Kipling backpack – I have a matching suitcase which also resides in the Accessory room.


And now, back to the shoes. Let us open the Shoe Cupboard.


Before we get an overview of the shoes, I will take out the Handbags, which have found a home in between two shoe racks.


That is a lot of shoes. Many of which do not get worn as often as I would like.


Rack one – there is no order in which they are stored, it is just wherever they fit they ended up.


And there are still some shoes in Other Places because they did not fit in this cupboard –


And, a bag’o’shoes which I am contemplating giving away.


There are enough shoes for a full year of shoe posts, so this will become a weekly feature and I invite other bloggers to join in as well. Everyone is welcome to join in. Just add your link by clicking on the blue add link button – I’ve also put a quick how to guide together below if you have never joined a link up before.

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A quick how to guide –

In case you have never done a blog link up before, I have created a how to guide and I have also made a page for the Shoes Link Up..

Join in & show us where your shoes live!

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9 thoughts on “Where Do Your Shoes Live?

  1. Right away I see this shoes posts isn’t for me. I have three pairs of shoes and one pair of sandals plus one pair of slippers. Two pairs are sneakers, one pair three years old, the other pair probably six years old, my sandals are easily 16 years old. and they all live in a laundry basket in the laundry with my 4 year old black work shoes. I simply don’t amass clothes.
    I do bulk buy paper goods though, like you. I haven’t bought toilet paper since January and I still have enough to last until Christmas.

    • It isn’t about how many pairs you have. :) For me, shoes are about so much more than how many pairs you have.

      Shoes are about the stories they could tell if they could talk. Where did they come from? How did you choose them? Where have they been? What have they seen and experienced with you?

      The pair of boots I wore on the plane to Hawaii last trip travelled to the top of Mauna Kea with me. They – unlike me – did not suffer from altitude sickness. I think they had a much better time than I did. :) They stood on lava less than 10 years old. They happened to break a piece of the lava off, and I felt it under my foot. When I picked it up to look at it, I turned it over and there was the most glittery amazing paradise, which I would never have seen, if not for my very good friends, my Steve Madden combat and hiking boots. :)

      These are the kinds of stories I want to tell with my shoes posts.

      This story here of where they live when they are not on my feet, that is just the beginning. :)

    • Debacles can be brilliant too! ;) Believe me, my shoes have lived in debacles before. The only reason for their excellent current situation is that we are in a 5 bedroom house because two other people were living with us when we moved in, and they left and went to Sydney, leaving us with a lot of extra space as a surprise. :)

      And before they left, the wonderful lady who I miss deeply, found these massive shoe racks for very cheap prices at Kmart, so I bought some too.

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