Leopard Print Oxfords


These London Rebel leopard print shoes are super cute. So you can guess what that means. They’re not super comfortable.. :(


I found these at a shoe warehouse in Adelaide when we visited there a few years ago. I tried them on and they seemed comfortable at the time. However, on actual wearing, the place where the shoe meets the ankle at the top of the shoe sits a bit high, cuts in a bit, and causes a blister to occur.


So, rules apply to wearing these shoes.

1. One has to not be walking too far. These can be worn out to a restaurant we are driving to. I wore them to work a few times, because it was a sitting for 6 hours job.

2. These are not wet weather shoes.


I can’t find these shoes for sale anymore, but they have a flat with the same print.

They have a ribbon as a shoelace, which is something quite unique to my shoe closet. I really love wearing them as long as I don’t have to walk very far. :) They take a standard jeans and t-shirt to a completely different place.

London Rebel make some faux Doc Martens which I would try based on these shoes which, besides the ankle thing next time I see them in a store, I’ll pick them up.

Do you have any shoes which look amazing but are uncomfortable? :)

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One thought on “Leopard Print Oxfords

  1. These are quite lovely! Too lovely to cause a blister. Here, in New York City, I invested in a magical liquid that one applies inside the offending portion of the shoe, then one stretches that area. Would this work for your leopard majesties? Alternatively, a festive (Toy Story? Surfers?) precautionary bandaid could work wonders.


    P.S. I found you through Blogher and the lovely comment you left on a post of mine. Thank you!

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