Shoe Sunday – Sparkly Slides


These are some of the most beautiful shoes I own..


Sadly, they are also some of the most *uncomfortable* shoes I own. Plus there are my toes, exposed for the world to see and apparently step on. Because whenever my toes are out on display, I can guarantee someone is going to pick that day to accidentally step on my foot.

I’m not a big toes out on display person in the first place – not that there is anything wrong with that, I just feel naked when my toes are naked. But when you add in the step on thing.. generally it is a no for me.


These shoes only get an outing on the following occasions –

1. If I am not going to be walking very far.

2. If it is a super hot day and some glitz on my feet is required.

3. Preferably, I have had a manicure.

The wedding of the best friend of The Other Half fit the first two of the three, so they got worn. And guess what, people? You are about to see my *actual* feet, in photos taken years ago, when I had no concept that I would ever be posting shoe posts here on my blog. We were trying to capture the sparkliness of these shoes, and if you look close, you can see spots of green, orange, and white fire..


They are very pretty, but why must they also be so uncomfortable? :(

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4 thoughts on “Shoe Sunday – Sparkly Slides

  1. Ooh, they are lovely! So pretty, but I can see they’re uncomfortable as they have no padding in the insole at all. I swear most shoe manufacturers actually hate women! I will try to chip in on this feature once in a while.

  2. They are very pretty and I can see the fire. Not something I would ever wear, I’m a sneakers girl all year round, very occasionally flat sandals but in a style that mostly hides my ugly toes.

  3. I am not a sandal gal. I hate my feet out on display but these are very sparkly..
    I wear low heels now as I am wobbly due to my medication but I have a huge collection of stillettos… Hmmm. no wonder I have horrible feet.. HAHAHA

    Sneakers and low heels only for me.

    I like your idea of Shoe Sunday.

    • I was never a fan of my feet on display but I guess there came a point at which I was like, I have ugly toes, suck it up world. :)

      Feel free to join in – just do a post involving shoes on your blog, and link up with the link up tool! ;)

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