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Wow, it has been several weeks of Shoe Sundays and this is the first ever sneaker post!

My Adidas Climacool sneakers are somewhat special to me, for a lot of reasons. The first and most important is that my bestest US friend Sephyroth has a pair as well, and we bought them together on Oahu!


Our feet presently reside on entirely different continents, but they were together that day. I remember Get Lucky by Daft Punk was playing in the Adidas store at Waikele where we bought them, we were dancing around in shoes we were trying on, and Sephy discovered his feet were an entirely different size to the size he had believed them to be. Plus, there were so many shoes, in so many colours, to look at. It was a stunningly colourful shopping event.


The second reason is because they are green, which is one of my favourite colours. They are several shades of green, so these shoes match in with a lot of green tops I own..


The third reason is because they are extremely cooling to wear due to the Climacool technology. This does mean they are NOT a wet weather shoe. Step in a puddle, and your feet will be soaked through to the socks.


My sneaker haul from Waikele.

These shoes have been a lot of places with me during the 11 months I have owned them, and yet they are almost as pristine as the day I bought them. This is partly because I do look after my shoes – yes, even having something like 50 pairs, every single pair is special to me and I want to make sure they have long, happy and clean lives. Also, because I do have so many pairs, I can optimise when they are worn to their best advantage – shoes that can handle wet weather are chosen for days that are wet, and shoes like these with Climacool technology are worn on hot days when my feet need cooling.

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