I do not truck with these real housewives shows. Not into this kind of teevee at all..

That was, until Gina Liano arrived on the scene.


I find her eye makeup mesmerizing.


I have no idea what is going on half the time, or who the other people are, but if I flick past and catch Gina on screen, I am stuck like mud. I have to watch to see more of that eye make up.


The photos do it no justice. Even the youtube videos are nowhere near as good as on my tv screen. I think what it is, the thing that sucks me in, is that shade of green she uses. Seriously, watch the clip below, you can see her applying the eye makeup, plus, at the end the final shot gives you a bit of an idea of the intensity of this green eyeliner she is using.

The beyotching I have sat through, just to see more of this eye makeup. I truly cannot understand how she gets so much of that shade of green there. I’ve never even seen anything to compare to it, not even on a drag queen. And her outfits are pretty extraordinary as well.

Arena have been advertising the upcoming season pretty intensely with an ad set to one of my favourite songs, here is a short version of it –

which you can view in full here. Yes, the waving randoms on the escalator are deeply annoying, and so are the flight attendants, but all of this is richly rewarded with the synchronised walking in heels section – especially the new blonde clown on the end whose name, it appears, is GAMBLE. SRSLY! Plus, the other new chick is named Pettifleur.

The Real Housewives of Melbourne season 2 starts airing this coming Sunday at 8:30 on Arena.

Rather than be a snob about it, I’m just going to be honest with myself and admit that I like watching the eye makeup of Gina and the outfits and tune in.

Could Gina soon be Judge Gina? A pilot has been shot. And I have to tell you I would enjoy that kind of show a lot more that Real Housewives.

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Gossip Girl.

Being a female scambaiter is not easy at the best of times but when you’re a strong person who has strong opinions the difficulty level shoots up a few thousand levels. ;) I’ve gone through a lot during my time as a scambaiter. I’ve written about it a few times here on the blog. The worst part about me is I was capable of getting a lot done in a short amount of time. Ask Sephy, he’ll tell you I can be positively frightening when there’s something to be done and I want to get it done five minutes ago.

Strong is ok on its own. Opinionated is ok on its own. Capable is ok on its own. Female is ok on its own. Add these together and some people literally quake at the knees. They fear you are going to make them look bad. When you get so much done so quickly some people fear that it makes their efforts look pathetic.

The truth is, generally those kinds of people are too busy gossiping and badmouthing others to get much done at all. One of the biggest mouths in the business who loves badmouthing and gossiping hasn’t scambaited a scammer in *years*. It makes me wonder why they call themselves a scambaiter!

My journey as a scambaiter has taught me some of the most important and valuable lessons in my life. The one I consider the most important of all is to stop worrying what other people are saying about you. It is something I have struggled with since high school.

I used to feel an insane need to get the truth out there, to make sure people knew what was being said was wrong, to show them that I wasn’t the person they said I was. I used to yell and scream about it. I used to sometimes force my truth down other peoples throats when it wouldn’t have mattered if I had video camera footage of my truth, they would still not have believed it. There are some people who just want to believe the worst. That is their loss, not mine.

The people I value are those who would hear the story and then come to me and ask me for my version. I would give it to them plain and simple. They would then make up their own minds. They would base it not just on what I told them but on having the full story from both sides, and knowing the past behaviour of both myself and the other side.

So what is the secret to letting the gossip go when everyone around you is determined to tell you all about it? And believe me, everyone was determined to let me know who said what about me. They’d even send me emails or text chats they’d had with people where I was the main topic of conversation.

I soon found the best thing to do was cut them off quickly, and focus on what is important. What person one said to person two about you is probably the least important thing in the world, when you take into account the things in the world. Instead of worrying about that, worry about doing what you do do best. That is one way I get so much done. ;) They can say what they want while you go out there and get shiznit done!

This post was a Hump Day Hmmm – you can take part too! The topic this week was The Gossip Game. All you need to do is write a post on the topic, and drop over to Julie Pippert’s blog and follow the instructions.

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It’s hilarious..

To all scambaiters out there on the planet

My other readers can skip this post, I’ll post something useful and interesting shortly.

Rumours continue to abound that I am secretly plotting against other scambaiters to the point that I feel the need to clarify the following. Please take the time to actually read this post and absorb it, instead of interpreting it to mean something entirely different.

In the past few weeks, I have laughed at the following rumours –

– that I am secretly wanting to take over a site that belongs to a fellow scambaiter – a site which I rarely visit and if I do visit it is only to have a good laugh at the carrots stuck up the rear ends of people who participate there.

– that I am a part of some fictitious group which is plotting to hack and take over sites.

– that I have been goading other baiters into doing things which have caused issues for others.

– that I am a master of puppets, pulling people’s strings from a distance.

I know I am NOT plotting against anyone, and in fact I couldn’t give a shit about any of those people I used to call friends who turned out to be incredibly two faced. You know who you are, if you are reading this. You know what you did.

I have built a bridge, walked over it, and truly am working on MY OWN PROJECTS NOW which have absolutely NOTHING to do with any of you and are IN NO WAY plotting against you. To quote Jane Austen –

You have widely mistaken my character.

Perhaps you need more tinfoil hats? Perhaps you need to stop hanging out on skype chats or secret little boards discussing things and making them into conspiracies that do not exist? And perhaps you need to make sure your secret boards hide their referrers when you link to my blog, because stupidly one of you clicked through to here from your secret website. So it’s not so secret now.

And perhaps I am a master of puppets after all, if me doing nothing at all except for getting on with my life without reference to any person so wholly unconnected with me as these people are can cause such rumours to persist and abound.

It’s been a over a year since I was removed from one site, and almost as long a time since I stepped down from holding any responsibility on other sites. I am not angry, I am not holding any grudges, I’ll be honest and say that when I do occasionally think of you, I think the majority of you are assholes who will find Karma kicking your ass at some point in the future, but that is where it ends.

There’s maybe one or two of you who are decent people but when gathered in a group and something happens, you act like chickens with their heads cut off, and panic, and do stupid things. Remember the advice from the Royal Family?

In a crisis, do nothing.

That’s what you need to do in future.

So instead of saying stuff about me or other people, why don’t you BAIT SOME FUCKING SCAMMERS? This is the second time I have suggested you do that. Why not do something useful? Why not try to be decent people instead of such fuckwits all the time?

And to the decent scambaiters out there, and there are many of you, who don’t participate in these gossip festivals, who don’t wish harm to any fellow scambaiters, who only want to hurt the lads, good on you guys. There are so many baiters who seem to have forgotten it is about hurting the lads and not each other, and baiting the lads and not each other.

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As expected..

I seem to have me a few new visitors today. You know, rather than believe what you’ve been told about me, there’s enough of me here on this blog now for you to make up your own mind. If you want to, that is. There’s archives, scroll down in the sidebar, you’ll find them.

You can start right at the beginning and work your way forwards. See if I’m who they are telling you I am, or if I am something entirely different. But if you’re going to read check your paranoia and your ego – leave it at the door. It’s not very likely that I’m talking about you.

I’ll be back a little later on today with a new post for ya’all and this is hopefully the last time that shizznit will intrude here. I just wanted to say the above.. ;) Thanks for the emails of support, everyone, I really appreciate it. :)

Have a look at this incredible new blog I found on the blogs of note todayAntarctica. Wow, it’s beautiful..

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Just did my daily blog rounds..

I read probably 20-30 blogs a day. This can take up significant time, except when nobody has said anything and then you just close the tabs. Not pointing fingers anywhere in particular of course, but FFS! Say something, say anything as long as it’s something!

Today I have a lot of thoughts which I really don’t want to share with you. I’ve shared them with my other half. We’ve bounced off the walls for a bit and then eventually made a decision. I wanted to share them with Sephiroth but he’s nowhere to be seen, probably asleep. That’s ok but when you get online please skype me.

It’s been a rough 24 hours. Things have been very unhappy at work this last couple of weeks, and quite frankly it’s been making me ill. You’d know from some of my blogs that there have been issues. You know I’ve had evil tonsilitis. You don’t know there’s been a lot of stress and migraines and various other unpleasantnesses.

You don’t know that today, I went to work all fired up and ready to be a part of things only to be kicked in the teeth, yet again, for the 50 millionth time. I don’t need that in my life. Nobody does. And my parents do not need the stress this situation has placed on all of us. The other half can handle it. He somehow doesn’t get cut to the bone by the nastiness. I do, and it hurts.

I know the solution to the problem is to remove the poisoned apple from the barrel. As yet, my Dad does not seem to think he can do this. So the current solution is to remove myself from the situation until the apple is extracted.

The thing I will share with you – I am now staying home and baiting. No more work for me at this stage. If the situation at work changes, maybe this will be reconsidered.

You may not have heard this vicious rumor, but if you have the following text is especially for you. In other news,

apparently I am the genesis of all evil in the scambaiting world.

I’d be ok with that, if I actually was. You see there are people who think I spend all my time plotting against them, that I talk other people into being my spokesperson, and that I am “generally spreading disaffection” wherever I can.

Let us make this clear, once and for all.

I am not holding any grudges against anyone. THIS MEANS YOU TOO!

What do I spend all my time doing? Hmm.. baiting scammers, taking their calls, helping other baiters with their baiting projects, mentoring, blogging, reading blogs, listening to music, visiting nice beaches (see below blog), watching movies (not often enough!), cooking, cleaning, ironing, and various other chores plus a million other things. Don’t forget, playing pool. ;) Oh, and being mesmerized by the glitter lamp. That probably takes up 50% of my time ;) hehe

The people who think I would rather waste my time plotting against them instead of doing any of the above are seriously disturbed individuals. If you have ANY proof that I have been doing this, let’s see it. And not the “Oh this person said” or “That person said” shit you’ve pulled before. Actual written quotes.

I know there are none. I know you can’t do this. I know WHAT YOU SHOULD DO IS GET BACK TO BAITING. Stop this monthly drama crap, quit the bullshit, BUILD A BRIDGE AND WALK OVER IT NOW.

Because *I* did it LONG AGO. As did other people you are holding grudges against. You say we have an agenda? Perhaps you are the ones who do. You want to know what’s on my agenda? Baiting scammers. Is that on yours? If not, WHY NOT?

All I want to do is bait, and get on with my life. I don’t care about any of those people who think they are so important that I am sitting here thinking of ways to hurt them or get back at them. I just want to hurt the scammers, not people I once thought of as friends.

Of course I’m sad that they weren’t really my friends – or were my friends as long as they thought they could control me. Of course I have regrets about how things turned out. I’m NOT perfect and I never claimed to be. I can be a pain in the ass. You know what though? Nobody else was doing the things that needed to be done. So I had a couple of choices – delegate and hope people helped, or just do it all myself knowing it would get done. For the most part I chose the latter.

I work hard, and I get a lot done. This threatens people who would rather sit around and talk shit. That’s fine.

Just leave me the hell alone, and I’ll do the same for you.

Now Robin, back to the batcave. Let’s bait some freaking lads people!

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