As expected..

I seem to have me a few new visitors today. You know, rather than believe what you’ve been told about me, there’s enough of me here on this blog now for you to make up your own mind. If you want to, that is. There’s archives, scroll down in the sidebar, you’ll find them.

You can start right at the beginning and work your way forwards. See if I’m who they are telling you I am, or if I am something entirely different. But if you’re going to read check your paranoia and your ego – leave it at the door. It’s not very likely that I’m talking about you.

I’ll be back a little later on today with a new post for ya’all and this is hopefully the last time that shizznit will intrude here. I just wanted to say the above.. ;) Thanks for the emails of support, everyone, I really appreciate it. :)

Have a look at this incredible new blog I found on the blogs of note todayAntarctica. Wow, it’s beautiful..

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