The 419 Letters Repository

Hi everyone. You’ll note a couple of changes to the sidebar over there —> one of them being the addition of the 419 Letter Repository. This is a project I’m pretty excited about at the moment, getting 419 mail published on the web so that potential victims searching for an email address, scammer name, fake lotto info, telephone numbers, even just a sentence found in a scam letter will lead them to a site which identifies it as a scam. It’s not the only site on the net doing this and the others are fantastic as well but the more the merrier. Each scambaiter gets a different cross-section of emails from the scammers – and you would receive different scam mails to what I do, etc.

>If you do get 419 scam emails please I ask you to forward them to me so that they can be published – the email addy to send them to is – – and I thank you in advance for your assistance.

The second thing you will notice is way down the page, just past the sun moon and stars weather square – there are now links for support for scam victims, information on 419 scams, and links to scambaiting websites. I put those together for the 419 repository and then figured why not add them here as well. :)

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