Scammer fun..

I’ve been really busy the last couple of weeks. A small group of baiters is trying to clean the scammer blacklist of dead email accounts, which means sending emails to them. We decided to combine this with gaining intelligence which is all being forwarded to the police. I can’t really get into detail there.


(Update 10 January 2015) –

It has been 8 years since I wrote this and enough time has gone by that I can tell you what we did.

We sent out what we like to call an ASEM – an accidentally sent email. In this email, we advise that went to the bank today to make a very large bank transfer – in the millions -to their bank account, however the account details they sent us were incorrect, and could they please send us the correct bank account details to make the transfer.

A lot of them came back asking for the money to be sent via Western Union. The email addresses of these lads were collated together and they were sent a second email saying “Have you lost your mind? We have already been through this and Western Union refused to send this large a sum. The money is sitting in my account ready to send. You can either send correct bank account details, or forget the deal, I’m done with you.”

As a result of these emails, a large amount of bank account details was passed on to a contact we had in law enforcement. Many of the accounts were eventually frozen and the funds seized. Any accounts that looked like they belonged to a scam victim, law enforcement investigated the account to see if any other scam transactions took place via it and also warned the owners of the accounts re these scams.


I have been talking to a lot of scammers on my skype in over the last week, and the pick of the crop calls have been uploaded to scambaits for the general amusement of all. When I get a chance I’ll add some links to the calls here. They all contain a lot of language.. ;)

So in the meantime, I leave you with another T.A.T.U. song which has been in my head lately.. the lyric that stands out in this one is –

You shut your mouth how can you say I go about things the wrong way?

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