Is it true?

Last night some work related people were down from Sydney and they took my parents and the other half and I out to dinner. My mother made a comment that I was obsessed with Ikea. I was somewhat surprised. I offer to you now the conversation.

Me – So where do you live in Sydney?

Visitor – Dee Why

Me – Is that close to Ikea?

Visitor – No, it’s close to Manly.

Me – How far away is Manly from Ikea?

Visitor – It’s a bit of a drive.

Me – I’m sorry to hear that. You could always move closer?

Visitor – We’ve lived in the same house for 32 years.

Me – They have fantastic waterfront apartments at Rhodes (this is the suburb Ikea is in)

Visitor – I don’t really like putting things together, you know, like furniture?

Me – You could get someone to do it for you. And they sell lots of stuff that doesn’t need assembling.

The other half then mentions that he loves putting things together, and that he loves Ikea.

Me – Mum, when we go down to Sydney to drop off the rellies in a couple of weeks, can we go to Ikea?

Mum – She’s obsessed with Ikea.

Well let us take a look at the facts.

1. I pine for Ikea.
2. I dream of blonde Swedish Vikings naked in hottubs outside in the snow. Oh hang on.. that’s not relevant. ;) Or is it? ;)
3. When we are driving to Ikea, I have a big happy smile on my face.
4. When I spot Ikea looming in the distance, I clap, and make happy sounds.
5. The last time we went to Ikea, when we walked in a little girl was running around and making happy screaming sounds, and I said to the other half – that’s what I feel like doing. And truly, I did feel like doing that.
6. I do speak of Ikea reasonably often.
7. I dream of going to Ikea from time to time.
8. I love the things we got from Ikea a little too much, if that’s possible.
9. I love the names of things at Ikea. I have no idea how to pronounce them, but I like to try.
10. How can anyone not love Swedish things? Abba? Viking men with enormous.. horns on their helmets? And next door, Norway, with A-ha and also more Vikings. Let’s face it, if you were a band in Finland, you might want to make sure your band name has an A, it might increase your chances of world stardom.

On the other hand..

If I were obsessed with Ikea, a search for the word Ikea on this blog would surely return more than 3 results.

So, I will let you decide. Am I obsessed with Ikea, people?

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5 thoughts on “Is it true?

  1. I’m going to have to say no. Only 21 word count for Ikea on the blog. You have to get in the hundreds at least before it gets to obsession level.

    So let’s go woman! Get that word count up!


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