Everybody Loves IKEA.

I’m counting down the minutes until this weekend because we’re going to Sydney for a little bit of a shopping spree at IKEA and a couple of days break. ;)

If you have never been to IKEA I am terribly sorry to hear that. My condolences. I don’t get to go very often but the memories keep me going until the next time I can get there.

What is it that I love about IKEA?

The Swedish names for things. None of which I can pronounce but it is so much fun to mis-pronounce them.

The temporal vortex created by so much mind blowing stuff all in one place at once.

The fact that a little money goes a long way there.

The beauty they put into in every day objects.

What’s on the shopping list for this trip?

A vegetable strainer (this one probably)
A candle snuffer (I have always wanted one and the other half says no but this time he can’t! I think this one might do the trick)
A new mixing bowl (I have my eye on this one but I might get these as well, they were out of stock last time.)

But IKEA is not the only thing we are doing. We’re still not sure exactly what we are doing yet but probably a visit to the Lone Star steakhouse will be on the list of things to do. If the weather is bad Sydney Aquarium will probably be one of the stops – they’re open till 10pm, wow! From my last trip to Darling Harbor, comfort is the number one important thing when it comes to shoes, this I have learned. ;) We might visit Chinatown or the busy city shopping mall. We might end up at the Imax theatre. The forecast is for showers, so inside is looking like the go.

Whatever we end up doing, I’m not going to leave you guys in the dark. With the help of Sephy photographs from my mobile phone will be coming to you as a surprise. :)

The next couple of days will be pretty busy with getting ready, so apologies if I’m not dropping by places. I am still reading you with google reader though. ;)

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4 thoughts on “Everybody Loves IKEA.

  1. I go to IKEA to buy their coffee, which is delicious.. and Marabou choclate, also delicious.

    I got hooked onto these things when I was in Sweden with my swedish boy :)

  2. IKEA… strangely disquieting to me. The hum of the fluorescent bulbs, the labyrinthine layout, the multitude of lingonberry products. The mind doth boggle.

  3. I went to IKEA last weekend with Boyfriend! We have to drive 4 hours to the nearest one, because IKEA cannot figure out that with over 5000 people per month moving into Las Vegas, a few of them might want fashionable yet inexpensive furniture. Check out my blog to see what we bought.

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