Sydney Trip Wrap Up – Ikea Goodness

I’ve been meaning to post these pics since Sunday, but other blogging got in the way. So finally here they are. ;)


This next pic shows one of my most prized items from the trip – the Rabalder.


See the little suction cups on the end of the dishwashers so you can stand them up on their end? I love these things, they’re brilliant.


The batteries, we found out, are made by Varta, which explains why they are so good. So we bought a lot of them. Shoot me, it’s environmentally unfriendly, but rechargeables have never worked out too well for me, and my mouse is cordless and I use it. A lot! The little alarm clocks in the pic, cost $1AUS and mine sits here on my desk, I love it.


The most expensive thing I bought was this mirror. It was $49. I love it!


One great thing about Ikea is there’s always something for the other half to build. These are fantastic laundry solutions for us. I wheel them down to the laundry when it’s time to wash.


These are the books I got from Borders.


And finally, the view on waking up on Saturday Morning.


I was so excited about the blue and yellow building, I didn’t even spot this part of the view until the other half pointed it out. ;) Yes, I am an Ikea addict.


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2 thoughts on “Sydney Trip Wrap Up – Ikea Goodness

  1. Thanks for visiting my blog via Blogging Chicks. You’ve set yourself quite an ambitious project–visiting all 850! Which, by the way, is the reason your blog loads so slowly. I’ve had the same problem on my blog, and on many other BC blogs I visit. That’s a whopping number of links! I haven’t had a chance to ask Michele at BC what to do about it. She’s a computer whiz–you might e-mail her for answers.

    Anyhoo, I really like the pot scrubbers with the suction cups… brilliant marketing. I’ll have to look for those. Ikea is a wonderful store, and it’s no wonder that “Mr. Ikea” is among the richenst men in the world!

    Hugs ‘n Blessings, e-Mom

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