Not every post here..

has to be some kind of profound statement. ;) Today I would like to mention that Meg wrote a great Beginners Guide to StumbleUpon which is worth a read, and ya’all should seriously think about getting on the StumbleUpon train. It’s a lot of fun.

And, I have a couple of photos for you.


This is the mirror I got from Ikea, which we finally got the courage to hang.. ;)


I’m taking some time to work on art today, and I might have some pictures of that for you tomorrow. In the meantime, be good! ;)

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12 thoughts on “Not every post here..

  1. Thanks for the shout!

    The Google PR update should hopefully be just around the corner – fingers crossed ;)

    BTW your “stumble It” link isn’t working (I had the same problem with the sociable plug in – not sure what you’re using)

  2. I haven’t tried blogsvertize yet but will look into it.. I had the same problem with PPP about PR.. so its not useful for me [yet]…

    I definitely need to check out the guide to stumbleupon… thanks

  3. That mirror is very interesting. I like it. I do PPP posts and have noticed a bit of a drop off in good opps for PR4 and lower. hoping that my PR climbs on the next eval. Good luck with the other programs, I joined them but didn’t find much of interest there either.

    Happy Click and Comment Monday!

  4. Hello!

    I think we need to move off of blogspot and onto our own domains. I have been blogging on blogspot for 3 years and cannot get above PR4. I think that is the PR of I am looking into hosting and am going to make the move. God, I hate change!

    Blogvertise is okay, but they assign the ops, so its not like you get to choose.

    I am going to write a post on all the programs I use, so check CoolAdzine in a day or two. I may have some of which you are unaware.

    Happpy C&C Monday.

  5. Meg – Tis fixed now. ;) Seeing as I just changed to my new domain the PR update might not be great for me. :(

    Julie – It does this lovely reflection thing on the opposite wall, too. :)

    Pearl – stumbling is excellent, I am enjoying it greatly. I’ll see how blogsvertise goes and let ya’all know ;)

    Diddums – IKEA had it for $49 AUD. How could I say no? It’s beautiful, with those green and blue mosaic tiles..

    Drew – I can’t believe the highest paid op is about $10 for a pr4. That’s just sucky. And the direct thing has been a real fizzer!

    Liv – It is a poster of lightning taken from the look out in Tamworth NSW. When my parents moved up there we found the poster in Adelaide, and bought 3, one for me, one for my parents, one for my sister. It hangs in all 3 houses. I’ll take a closer pic of it later this week and blog about it and some of the other stuff I have hanging on my walls.. :)

    Lavender – it’s not as pretty as some of your beads though.. ;) If I could get one with pink, grey and gold mosaic tiles, I’d be queuing up. :)

    Cybercelt – I had been thinking of this for a while. Blogger allows you to redirect – you can still publish on blogger and if anyone comes in on an old link they are redirected here. So I bought the domain last night, we’ll see how it goes. ;)

    Christine – they are all works in progress so it’s hard to tell what they will turn out like, with these I am doing a couple of colors at a time, so as not to waste paint. ;) I got a bit distracted yesterday and ended up watching a movie instead of doing too much art. ;(

    Thanks for the comments ya’all! ;)

  6. I’ve been really disappointed with payperpost lately to be honest. The standard of opportunities has really dropped of, and I dont take any of those that require a positive out of principle.

    Congrats on the new domain.

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