Weekly Wrap Up 15/07/07

Have you participated in the Hump Day Hmmm yet? If not, why not? The next topic is – “How we let it go.” – Do you ever have something build up inside you like an volcano ready to burst? Did you carry something you were ready to let go of? Have you watched a process in our culture that involves letting go?

I wanted to mention that at the top in the hopes that more of ya’all will rise up off your blogging rear ends and have a crack at it this week. ;)

So, having returned from running up the first 500+ kms on the new car by going to look at a large.. err.. ENORMOUS concrete sheep, I have returned and managed to stop giggling long enough to type up this week’s wrap up. I wish I’d taken some photos of it but there really was no good angle – the only uninterrupted view I could get would have shown you the rear end of a large concrete sheep. So instead I provide you this link to a tour of some of Australia’s big things, many of which I was unaware of myself. :)

Funny Search Terms This Week –

car in the country scary monster clip (how they ended up here I have no clue..)
bitches in the workplace in australia (yep, we got plenty here!)
country bitches (well, there’s less of them than in the city, but they do still exist)
chances of surviving a plane decompression (chances = excellent if your seat belt is done up and you don’t get sucked out)
who knows the live earth commercial song. the part where they show the sponsers (I never blogged about Live Earth, and I didn’t watch it either.. so I have no idea!)
thing always explodes (this is the equivalent of searching in the dark with no lights on, I suspect. Thing? What thing? Note to self – if you tell google what you want, google can find it. If not even you know what you want, what chance does google have?)

Here On The Blog –

We had a bumper week, with over 900 visitors dropping in. Yay! I introduced the thought for today idea, I added the BlogCatalog widget to the sidebar. I spoke about Australia being the land of hippies and flakes (as I write this, I am burning lemongrass, lime and mandarin flavoured oils) how I knew I was born to be a salesperson, for the Hump Day Hmmm I spoke about what I carry with me.

Coming Up –

I’ve got a fair bit of reading to catch up on tomorrow after taking most of the weekend off. ;) This week I hope to make a few cosmetic changes here to the blog but it depends on finding the right photos.

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6 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap Up 15/07/07

  1. And…thanks for the link! I hope that some mom out there will read my story and have grace for herself…or for other, different moms. I love your weekly wrap up…what a fun thing to do.

  2. I’ve grown to look forward to your weekly wrap ups on Sundays! I love them, they’re great fun, and very helpful to find new blogs and great posts! So thanks! :)

  3. Catherine – I hope so too.. and you should know, the best thing a mother can do is what is best for their child, you did that. That is the important thing. ;)

    Katie – Thank you! I am a big fan of your blog also ;)

    Thanks for the comments ya’all! ;)


  4. Thanks! Now, can you point out where it is?? LOL….

    I have looked at your sidebars now for at least 5 minutes. Wow! There are a ton of links on there. I find me in the blogging chicks roll, but only there.

    I will more than likely add you to my personal blogroll page when I update it next time too. I need to read longer though so I have something wonderful to write about you. Mine is due an update too. Aaaaahhhhh!

  5. Jennifer – You see the “blogs I read with google reader” section, on the right hand side bar? It has a scroll bar on the side, so if you scroll down to T you’ll spot your blog.. ;) You may be viewing a cached version of the page, too, so hit shift and reload before you do it.. :)


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