Weekly Wrap Up 02/09/07

It’s been a busy week for me, both on the blog and around the house. If you’re listed in my blog sidebar, or a member of the Aussie or US blog communities on Bumpzee, I have given you an award in this post, so drop by to pick it up. ;)

Funny Search Terms This Week –

refer to yourself as the – Yep, that’s it. The what, I wonder?

refer to yourself using name – Are people confused about how to refer to themselves? ;)

refer in the third prson – Might help if you spelled person right. ;)

don’t breed cows – Why not?

she loves cows – Ayuh, she does. And I do. :)

sex therapy–photos – oh, you mean pr0n? Why not just search for pr0n?

snoksred – I’m used to seeing Snoskred, but someone searched for me and found me even though they mis-typed?

snokesred scam – And another one! Ya’all, it’s simple to spell. Snos and kred. Add them together. There you have it. ;) Sort of like K-fed and K-rudd. But better. :) You can just call me Snos if you like.

Here On The Blog –

This week we were blessed with two wonderful guest posters – River and Dorothy from Grammology. Thank you both so much for taking the time to contribute a guest post. I appreciate it!

The Hump Day Hmm this week was about School. I spoke about Blog Design – Open Your Eyes on Think Tank Tuesday, and on Monday I gave you a few Blog Hints. There was also A Moving Update.

Past Snoskred –

Let’s look back at some of the men I love to watch – Christian SlaterRob LoweMorten Harket.

Coming Up –

We get the house keys tomorrow but don’t ya’all worry, I have this entire week already written. Well, most of it. On Tuesday we’re going to talk about no follow blogs, and on Wednesday the Hump Day Hmm topic is Values. There’s also a guest post from someone special coming up on Thursday.

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12 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap Up 02/09/07

  1. How in the world do you get so much done with such ease? I’d be stressing at the hospital emergency room…..

    Thanks for the mention..it was my pleasure…hope you’ll send a post to me…pick any subject..

    Regards, Dorothy from grammology

  2. Wow! Thank you for adding me as a new blog that you are reading in your sidebar! I have the utmost respect for you (as I do all the bloggers that I’ve “met” through Opal – she is a gem!) I’m pretty new to blogging but I’m trying to catch on so I’ll be lurking AND commenting and learning from all you great bloggers that I’ve been fortunate enough to run into! Thanks again! ;)

  3. Now you get all the fun of unpacking all those boxes and trying to fit your stuff into cabinets that are often too small or too large or even too few. And no small children to take all the empty boxes outside and play for hours while you get on with sorting said cabinets.

  4. As usual, a very informative wrap up. I always learn something, or find a helpful tool. I found some hidden links in my blog after I read the instructions on how to check my blog. Thanks for including me in your round up.

    Good luck with the move!

  5. Snos, thanks for linking to one of my posts, and thanks for the award. I hope the move goes well. Off to search for hidden links in my blog now…

  6. Hey Snoskred, thanks for including me in your list. I recall your request last week (or maybe the week before?) about such a thing. Sorry I couldn’t get around to it. Work has been keeping me very busy these past few weeks and it’s become a struggle managing my at-home to-do list.

  7. Dorothy – Time management, and being a very fast typist. ;) When we’re all settled in, I’ll put together something for you. ;) thanks for the invitation!

    Teeni – Your blog is great, I’m enjoying it plenty! ;)

    River – I am looking forward to unpacking but even better once that is done I am looking forward to relaxing! ;)

    Kirsten – I do spend quite a bit of time on it but nowhere near as much as I previously did. I’m just finding better ways of managing my time these days. :)

    Daisy – A hidden link in your blog? Those blog template creators are evil, hiding stuff all over the place! ;) It is almost as bad as dogs burying bones! ;)

    Tornwordo – You’re welcome! – One Man’s Goal has been a favourite of mine for a while now. ;)

    Julie – You’re welcome! I’m hoping it goes well too.. :)

    Mark – it happens to the best of us, there’s always something I forget. ;)

    Steven – You’re welcome ;) Great article!

    Kin – I did contemplate taking the blogging out of it again but I thought it wasn’t too long in the end. ;)

    Thanks for the comments all! ;)


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