Cereal Confessions..

This is NOT a sponsored post, but I feel the need to share the following information with you. It is possible that you may hate cereal as much as I always had until I tried this new cereal from Weight Watchers. Please note, I know nothing about Weight Watchers or their points system. I hated cereal all my life, I was never a breakfast person. I have only recently started eating it because it is supposed to be more healthy and I could do with a bit more fibre in my diet.


I have been so surprised by this cereal. There is something so wrong about it. This cereal should be everything I hate. When I saw it on the shelf I thought yuck, I’m going to hate eating that. There were other cereals there, ones with lots of sugar and general badness. Even one with chocolate chips! But I chose the Weight Watchers fruit and fibre cereal even though I knew I probably wouldn’t like it based on the fibre content. I thought – it’s only one bowl a day, I can survive it. However, it’s brilliant, so I’m sharing cos that’s the kind of blogger I am.


Normally on cereal I need at least one spoonful of sugar to make it palatable. This WW cereal, I don’t need to add anything except milk. The fruit that is in it makes it sweeter than normal cereals I’ve eaten. The first day I ate it, I did add sugar as I usually do and it made it way too sweet.


All I can say is, they must have some absolute geniuses over at Weight Watchers if they can take a cereal which contains everything I should hate and turn it into something I absolutely love, that I look forward to eating in the morning – and have even eaten a couple of times INSTEAD of a bowl of potato chips while watching tv in the evenings. I’m not lying, truly! If you’re in Australia you should give this cereal a go. ;)

The fruit is soooo nice. I love it. I’m not a fan of dried fruit usually but when you add the milk to it I find it softens nicely. They say it contains 34% fruit. You can’t get a spoonful of this cereal without at least one piece of fruit on it so I believe they are right.

I needed my cereal this morning, because we spent all day moving stuff. I’m completely exhausted and only here to post this before I shower and collapse into bed. We did manage to get the pool table upstairs, so that was fantastic. I met a neighbour and their dog before we’d finished unpacking the first ute load. People are very friendly there. I’m looking forward to that. ;)

I also found out they have Tai Chi within a very short walk, so I might be signing up for that. ;) Half the art/dining box room is now empty, we got a lot done today and now we can take it easy for the rest of the week. I have packed the entire kitchen, only leaving out a few bowls for cereal eating. ;)

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9 thoughts on “Cereal Confessions..

  1. I love breakfast. I cook porridge almost every morning, with an occasional foray into weetbix with hot milk. Can’t stand cold milk. The taste makes me sick. Hot over weetbix or cornflakes is great. All other cereals are treated as snacks and eaten instead of chips etc. but that’s pretty rare as I’m a chocolate person.

  2. i am a cereal hound! i love it. i am actually doing weight watchers right now, but haven’t tried their cereal yet as the price of it our here is pretty high (almost $4 american) and i tend to buy generic brands. maybe i’ll give it a try though after your recommendation.

  3. I’ve become a big fan of Weight Watcher’s foods lately – especially their desserts. I highly recommended the Pecan & Banana puddings (in the freezer section) ;) I’ll have to take your word on the cereal, not being a breakfast or cereal eater, but generally I find their products good quality and value.

  4. I need to venture to the Supermarket n the next few days to face Cereal hell! Last time I was here in Montreal I looked at the Cereals and there seemed to be a whole load of different ones to what i’m used to in the UK.

  5. I will have to try it. You may want to read my other blog, Losing Proposition. I am exploring some of the diet foods I have found.

    Stopping by for Click & Comment Monday.

  6. I’m not a big breakfast eater, but here Curves (the workout place) has a few cereals and breakfast bar options. I keep the breakfast bars in my desk so that I eat. Getting up at 5:30am to be to work for 7am is barely tolerable, and all I can do to get to work on time with a shower and my clothes matching and on properly (I did once go to work with my shirt on backwards). So breakfast, for me, waits until I get to work.

  7. River – I haven’t tried hot milk but I might give it a go ;) I am not a chocolate person unless it’s Lindt on offer.. ;)

    Christine – What does one and a half points mean in the scheme of things? How many points are you allowed each day? ;) It wasn’t much more expensive than all the other cereals on the shelf here, maybe an extra dollar but now having tried it I’m willing to pay that. ;)

    Flametree – I had tried some of the frozen meals before but they always seemed a little on the small serve side. I haven’t tried the desserts but I might now. ;)

    Forest – It is so confusing between different countries, so hard to work out what = what you would normally have. ;)

    Cybercelt – I’ll check it out when I have a chance!

    Kirsten – I am not a morning person either. I struggle to rise at a reasonable hour. :) But I have found eating cereal seems to wake my brain up, which can only be a good thing ;)

    Thanks for the comments all! ;)


  8. I’m not a cereal (or fruit) person, but I might just give it a go now.
    By the way, the absolute BEST Weight Watchers food I have ever had is their chicken wraps, found in the frozen meal section of your local supermarket.
    In Australia it’s about $5.40 for a box of two, and they have two flavours, satay chicken and meditteranian chicken.
    Two minutes on the microwave, 2 minutes on the sandwich press, and you have perfection!
    Beautiful! And perfect for lazy days when you can’t be bothered making lunch.

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