Survivor Season 31 Tonight on Go


The 90 minute premiere episode of Survivor Cambodia – Second Chance – starts tonight at 8:30pm on Go here in Australia. I’m watching it right now via other means and it is oddly emotional because all of the players are returning from previous seasons and many of the players I have a deep love for. Spencer, Tasha, Woo, Joe, Shirin, Ciara, Keith.. there are so many great people.

I have been looking forward to this season ever since the end of the last season because they had a vote where the public could pick the people getting a second chance on the show and they revealed the results and then sent the cast off to Cambodia right then and there.

Here are my top 5 reasons I love to watch this show.

1. The Scenery –


It is really pretty! I am always amazed at how beautiful the locations are. Of course they are great to look at on the screen but having to *live* there would be another story. Especially for me, I do not camp. :)

2. The Time Lapse Shots –


I love the night time ones but there is always a new time lapse to be seen on this show. They can be quite epical.

3. The Challenges –


The challenges are always pretty incredible on Survivor. Yes, this is when you would hear me screaming at the TeeVee. In fact after tonights episode I have been asked to make sure I watch it *before* The Other Half arrives home because it is very noisy, he says. :)

4. The Tribal Council Set –


Every year these get more amazing. This year they haz an elephant!

5. Jeff Probst –


Jeff is truly one of the best show hosts of all time. He has these great little phrases he says regularly, and when it comes time for Tribal Council, he is a truth seeking missile which can explode all over the best laid plans of the contestants.


I love how he narrates the challenges and I love how enthusiastic he is when they are won. :)

Do You Like Survivor?

Will you be tuning in this season? :)

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