Men I love to watch – Rob Lowe

People asked for it, and now here it is.

Rob Lowe is an excellent example of a man who actually gets more attractive as he ages. Not that he wasn’t cute when he was young. But it is very difficult to find images of him when he was young on the net and I’m not sure why. Maybe it is because the older him is so cute.


However most people now associate him with the West Wing and the excellent job he did on that show. Any fan will tell you he was one of the major characters that made the show what it was, and when he left the show there was a hole not easily filled.

For the Aussies reading this, many of you did not see the West Wing because Channel 9 really screwed around with airing it but you do not have to stay in the dark. The show was brilliant and can now be bought from JB Hifi for less than $35 per season for the first 5 seasons.


For those of you not aware of what Rob Lowe is up to now, he is on a show called Brothers and Sisters. Because I don’t watch commercial TV I had never heard of this brothers and sisters show but it seems like I will have to add it to my must watch list. Callista Flockheart was always one of my favourites, I loved Ally Mcbeal, and now to team her up with Rob Lowe? I can tell without even knowing anything about the show that I will love it.

Here is a clip from The West Wing.

So, Rob Lowe joins Christian Slater as one of the men I love to watch. If you enjoyed this blog, you may also enjoy my movie reviews –

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I must get back to writing more of these but at the moment I’m deep into a new project and finding it hard to think of other stuff. :)

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