Got Cat?

Sometimes when you’re on the internet you end up somewhere you never expected. I was reading my google reader and someone posted a link to a cat site, and then I clicked on the link and went on a mysterious journey of things my cats would love – and things my cats would utterly despise. The only question I have is, why haven’t I ever seen this stuff in a pet shop here in Australia?

Things they would love include –


The Pet Drinking Fountain

My cats like to drink any water they aren’t supposed to drink but their pure unreserved love is for drinking out of water features. This is like a water feature designed especially for them! Of course this means they would ignore it completely, so shh let’s pretend they’re not allowed near it.


The Stairway to Cat Heaven

My cats already have several cat towers around the house. Yes, they are spoilt, but these are my children, remember there will be no breeding of humans here! This one looks awful for humans but those kitties would love it plenty.


A new home

My cats love being up high. I think it’s a king of the castle thing. Whoever is the highest is the winner. Whoever is on the next shelf down is usually being taunted by the King with a paw swipe from above.

What my cats would HATE include –


Electronic kitty litter things which go round and round – they would be looking for the nearest cat tower to hide at the top of.


Electronic kitty litter things which have a “rake” which will “stop if it encounters a large object in the box” – though I think the other half would appreciate this one because he is the one who gets to clean the litter.



Thus ends an odd trip on the internet.

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2 thoughts on “Got Cat?

  1. Your cats are beautiful. What are their names?

    I always think those rug-covered cat towers are so expensive, who buys them?

  2. I bought one of the cat towers and my three loved it. It lasted for 10 years and 5 moves before giving up the ghost. (yep, I spoil my babies too)

    And adorable cats, snosk :)

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