Thank [insert your own Deity here]

So Prince Harry is not going to Iraq. You may recall a post some time ago where you got to see a rather interesting photograph of the family jewels which belong to Harry. I think now is as good a time as any to have another look at that post. Prince Harry’s Family Jewels Click Here.

I do agree with the decision not to send him, it was never a good idea and if something had happened there would have been a major outcry. It would be the equivalent of sending Britney Spears off to Iraq, all the nasty people there would be on the look out for bad wigs and soldiers wearing odd accessories.

I mean seriously, this girl don’t know how to dress, have you seen what she’s been wearing lately? If not, this was what I consider the worst of some really bad outfits.



And this was *after* rehab. I don’t know if she’s staying clean because I am firmly of the opinion that only serious hardcore drugs could entice one to wear this.

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5 thoughts on “Thank [insert your own Deity here]

  1. I say, didn’t she shave her head too? Must be wearing a wig.

    Her dress sense matches her “music”. Trashy and disposable.

  2. I like what Patrick had to say. Trashy and disposable. Very good point!

    I wouldn’t be caught dead dressing like that! Absolutely not!

    (Of course the fact that I would likely be arrested for showing my fat behind like that is merely an aside. :)



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