Where did they go?

When we moved house we left a lot of things behind. It was an interstate move and expensive removalist wise, so much junk was thrown out. We’ve been here a year and four months now and just a few weeks ago I found the last of the missing items I couldn’t find anywhere – all my sequins. For your enjoyment, here is a photo of the found sequins. Click the image for a little larger view.


But now it’s turning cold here, and somehow my leggins have gone missing. I think it is redcap‘s fault, because just after I conducted a search for the leggins, I came back here to find this post from redcap in which she says “There’s no reason why I can’t rid the world of skanky footless tights, if I concentrate hard enough.”

The other half agrees with you about leggins – I think he threw all mine out when I wasn’t looking – and in fact so do I really however I like to wear them *under* things (especially jeans when you go fishing or something) when it’s really cold and I had this one pair, they weren’t made out of lycra but a different material which was warm and soft and really comfortable. I bought them sooo long ago that it was back in the days when I lived with my parents which is at least 10 years, and Supre had just one factory outlet in Adelaide, and Supre made decent long lasting clothes for real sized women instead of tiny clothes for skanky ho’s which seems to be the market they are going after these days.

So now I sit here, freezing, with the heater on which is chewing up electricity, and no idea where those leggins have gone.

And even worse, the knowledge that shopping will now have to be attempted to purchase new ones which will never even begin to replace the ones which have quietly vanished. I hate shopping. And I have to get a haircut now that it is so cold. I hate not being able to go to my old hairdresser.

Come back, Leggins, come back..

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