You might see more posts from me than you had been previously as moving raises some issues for me. :)

Yesterday, I began the task of packing up my office. My office has two huge bookshelves which quickly turned into 4 large boxes of books. I then packed up all my art stuff.

For some reason – even though I know I have to downsize because the new place is a little smaller and does not have storage space.. I am finding it difficult to let things go. I thought I was more than ready to de-clutter.

Earlier this year I chose to swap some of my books for new books. I used to be into true crime stories but these days seem to be switching to other kinds of books.

I had several Ann Rule books which are worth quite a bit when you take them in to swap as there is a big demand for them and I decided to let them go and swap them. I read them one final time, and then took them to the book swap. I still have a couple of her books which I wanted to keep, but some of them just no longer seemed relevant to me.

As I was packing my books I began to see a few others which I will want to read one last time and then let them go. And yet..

.. as I was packing up my art things, I found myself holding onto a small plastic container which arrived in this house packed full of cobalt blue beads which I have since transferred into a storage container. Thus the container was empty.

I found myself thinking.. I should keep this.

And I actually put it into my art box.

An empty plastic container.

It is at this point that I began to recognise, maybe I have a problem here. Maybe I am going to find this process of letting go of things – de-cluttering – saying goodbye to things I own – a lot more difficult than I expected.

So I took the empty plastic container out of the art box and put it into the recycling. Then I decided to get rid of some more plastic from that box – a couple of my art sets came encased in plastic – I de-encased, and recycled.

On the inside I want to let things go, but there is some part of me that wants to hang onto things.

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4 thoughts on “Alternatively..

  1. I’ve been putting off decluttering for years. I tell myself I’m going to and do actually empty out cupboards, but instead of tossing, I find myself just rearranging the stuff so that it fits in better and looks different. I think the crunch will come when/if I move again. Odds are in favour of an even smaller place next time so I’ll have to be ruthless. Hopefully it won’t be for a good few years, but of course by then I’ll have so much more stuff…..

  2. I’m noticing what you initially wanted to keep and then actually decluttered “an empty plastic container & “encasements”. Yeah no clue where that’s going, just noticing and thought it might be something.

    Good luck on the move and the decluttering.

  3. I’m moving too – and having the same problem you are.
    Except I’m moving out of home, and I’ve been in this bedroom for over 15 years, so it’s acceptable to have stuff/junk everywhere… right?!

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