The Slow Erosion Of My Sanity

Back in September of last year, some new tenants moved into the unit next door. Pretty much straight away we felt this was going to be an issue as they had several (two or three, we still are not certain on the exact number) children under the age of 7.

The first thing we found was a need to move bedrooms. We were not using the master bedroom in this house because we preferred the slightly smaller second bedroom without the ensuite – it tends to wake us up when the other person is in the bathroom and it is the only bathroom in the house other than a small toilet downstairs in the garage.

The reason we had to move bedrooms was because the younger child’s cot was placed up against our bedroom wall, and he was able to bang on our wall until his parents went to get him. They usually left him in there for half an hour or so, from 7am to 7:30am. Not the kind of wake up call we wanted. So, we bit the bullet and moved bedrooms after a couple of weeks.

After they take the children out of that room around 7:30am, they seem to allow them to just run riot. Doors are slammed, there is yelling and screaming, chairs are dragged across the floor, things are dropped onto the floor – and all of this we enjoy because there does not seem to be much furniture in their house soaking up the noise, and the walls are fairly thin.

This is not a problem when you have two adult couples living in the units – we’d managed nicely with the previous tenants. I guess that was because we were not trying to tear the place to pieces without any supervision from our parents.

After a month or so we talked to the real estate agents who told us it would not be a problem as it was a short term lease for 3 months only.

9 months later, one noise complaint from us which achieved nothing, and a complete run around across three months from the real estate people on the installation of an air conditioner.. we are so ready to be out of here. We found a place we liked the look of, and went to see it last weekend. We heard today that our application was accepted, so we will be moving in over the next few weeks.

In the meantime, I am done being nice. The music is up, loud, in every room of the house while I pack. We have tolerated their noise for many, many months. I am extremely hopeful that our noise is as much fun for them as theirs has been for us.

With that said, you won’t see me much for a bit while we’re moving. ;) There is something awesome about the new place but I will save that for once we’re in there. ;)

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3 thoughts on “The Slow Erosion Of My Sanity

  1. I’m glad you’re moving. It’s soul destroying to live next to bad neighbours.

    Years ago I had the feral family from hell living next door. Domestic violence, drunkenness, police dragging her ex husband and/or current partner away (those guys just didn’t get along)… it was a nightmare. I own this house so I wasn’t going anywhere.

    The day a moving van pulled up outside that house i thought all my Christmases had come at once.

  2. Good luck with the move. Hope it goes as smoothly as these things can.

    And I hope that the music that you are playing is the loudest, most offensive music you can find with lots of bass so that it reverberates nicely through their walls.

  3. My neighbours have a new baby who is now about 6 months old and only recently he’s stopped crying himself to sleep, crying himself awake, crying on and off during the night and for most of the afternoon. I learned to sleep with earplugs in. I don’t understand how she could just leave him to cry so long so often.

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