This Snoskred Update May Come To You As A Surprise.

Is it possible to have the best week in ages and yet still be moving house? The week did not start out quite as we imagined, we discovered that these places have been refurbished, they’re not new, they were lived in before and the state of the appliances leaves a LOT to be desired. Major fail whale!


In fact I’m not cooking in that filthy oven. I refuse. Either the landlord replaces the oven, cooktop and rangehood – all of which are filthy and the cooktop is actually rusted or we will just replace them ourselves. We didn’t spot it on inspection because the electricity was off, it’s dark in that kitchen without the lights on, it said *clearly* in the advertisements that these were brand new, and we made the mistake of assuming that meant the appliances would be brand new as well. Note to self, remember that rule about never assuming? :) We did feel a bit like we’d been lied to, though.


However that has been the only cloud on our horizon this week, other than real actual clouds, which there’s been a few of as well as some rain and neither of us mind real clouds or rain, so that’s ok. ;) We’ve contacted the real estate agent and asked them to let the landlord know we’re not happy with the appliances and we’d like him to replace them or reduce the rent. I’m not going to let it bother me because either way they are being replaced. We’ve never used the oven in this house because the first time we turned it on, the smell! Ugh!


You’ll note I put pictures from my hour long beach walk on Thursday in between the above. This is meant to demonstrate how appliances are of little importance in the face of so much beach beauty. ;) Yes, I walked for an hour, after spending an hour vacuuming and cleaning the new place, then I went home and packed more stuff before returning to the new house with the other half, to carry potplants upstairs to our balcony.


I would have been walking on the beach every day, but I have been getting more than enough exercise packing, moving boxes, and carrying heavy things up the stairs. The beach walk on Thursday was actually a reward for myself for all the hard work I’ve been doing over the past couple of weeks but soon enough it will be a daily event, rain or shine..


There’s a reason they have stair climbers in gyms. I have missed stairs while we’ve lived in two houses without them. Carrying heavy potplants upstairs was surprisingly fun for me as well as being great exercise. That sounds like I have gone completely round the twist, but I have found every small thing I do is one step closer to being moved in and ready to start new things – a new business, a new lifestyle, and much cookery. ;) I’m excited and getting stuff done fast!


The ute ended up being pushed into a table we had in the garage quite by accident. My parents came to visit and I asked my Dad to back the ute in so I could close the door, but he thought it would be better to push it. I was told to pull the handbrake when they said to. Unfortunately it didn’t do anything like.. well. braking. The ute kept going and there was a crash.


There you can see some of the glass left on the table. I would have taken pics of the ute but odd people are having a party next door and I was a bit.. freaked out. So, I just have the above for now.


The pool table successfully made its way up the stairs on Monday. As you see. Below is a photo looking back towards the kitchen from near to the balcony door.


I have one other thing to mention in this update. Below is a screenshot of my desktop as it looks now, today. The cluttering up as mentioned in this post – Snoskred Is Getting Organised – Are You? – is a thing of the past and this new system is so simple and so easy that I don’t even have to work at it. It magically happens all on its own.


If you are like me and want to get your desktop organised, I have to recommend the article that started it all for me – How to Keep your Desktop Organized (without getting insane) – if you take the time to put the system in place, and learn how to use it believe me this will work for you too. I am stunned by how well it has worked for me.

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9 thoughts on “This Snoskred Update May Come To You As A Surprise.

  1. Thanks for sharing your organization find. Your new place looks wonderful! How exciting! I hope you get your new appliances and sorry about the ute breaking the glass. Hopefully everything else continues to go smoothly.

  2. How thrilling to live so close to the beach! I so miss the ocean. It’s a 5 hour drive for me now. I hope you get the appliance situation taken care of soon.

  3. your desktop looks so much better than mine :) I’m gonna try and follow the same guidelines!

    How wonderful to be living near the shore, I am about an hr’s drive from the sea so weekends are awaited impatiently in summers :) hope your new place is fun besides those appliances :)

  4. Thank you for sharing such beautiful pictures of the beach and all. I will have to live vicariously through you and wish that I could take daily walks on the beach, I’d be so much healthier!

  5. ohhh… I’ll be thinking of the beach images all weekend. Thank you! …and congratulations on the moving, the lovely attitude, and the impressively organized desktop. :)


  6. If you kept a copy of the advertisement you have solid grounds for demanding replacement of those appliances.
    Beautiful beach shots. Do you swim?

  7. Teeni – It’s such a major change for me to be organised, I need to let other people know they can do it too.. ;)

    Kirsten – We never lived this close to it before, I’m looking forward to it. ;)

    Christine – I’ve been looking to do this since May, it was a long wait but I think it’ll be worth it. ;)

    Pearl – I did not know that it would work so well. I am a serial clutterer of desktops, so I am thrilled to have this new system working. ;)

    Lynne – There will be many beach pictures in future, of course. ;) We used to walk at the Zoo, or the Botanic Gardens, so I am really happy to be somewhere I can walk again. Here it was just houses and it always felt a bit odd to walk around here.

    Vera – I was thinking today that attitude is everything. I am so happy to be moving, and I am in such a great frame of mind right now, but I could never appreciate that like I am right now if I hadn’t been to the darker places too, if that makes any sense?

    Cugat – No, I’m going to be taking it really easy with the unpacking. Once we’re out of here, I have all the time in the world and if I devote an hour or two a day it’ll be all taken care of in a week or so. But I did unpack all the food into the pantry right away because I took it in laundry baskets and I needed to use them again ;) One cupboard is good. The rest are still empty!

    River – I have a copy of the advertisements for next door which are identical to ours, I’m hopeful it will turn out ok. I soaked the filter for the rangehood overnight in major de-greasing stuff and it is still sticky and horrible. Clearly the previous tenants cooked an awful lot. That’s fine but they should have cleaned the appliances!

    Thanks for the comments all. I’m about to pack up the computer and take it over to the new house but not to worry, I’ll be back online within a few hours. ;)


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