A Moving Update With Pics!

Sometime within the next day or so, I will hit 50,000 visits here at the blog. Yay! With only 2 days before we pick up the keys this coming Monday, most of the packing is done. I really only have the kitchen which is half done and our walk in wardrobe left to do, which I can mostly finish before we pick up the keys. It didn’t seem to take as long as I was expecting, and I’ve had time to do other things this week as well which I do appreciate – and some of you might too, because I’ve been commenting when I’ve had the chance.


Above is how my bookshelves look now. I can’t bear to pack my Aromatherapy stuff until the last minute, and I’ve been burning oils and incense every day this week. Click any of these pics for a slightly bigger image.


This is how my desk currently looks. It’s a lot messier than I like and I can’t wait to get into the new place with new ways of organising things like pens and stationery – I have plans for how I’m going to do it.


Above you see my daily checklist, which I have been sticking to and finding really helpful especially in the midst of apparent chaos. I’ve been trying to do the reply to comments daily this week and I’d have to go back and check but I believe I have achieved it the next day after a post is posted. I used to find I’d put that job off and tend to do it twice a week or so. If it doesn’t get done the tick doesn’t get put there until it does get done, to remind me.


The Art/Dining room was the first room we completely emptied, and we have now filled it with packed boxes and furniture ready to be moved.


Here is a view of the art/dining room from another angle and you can see my favourite cabinet, the tall red one with glass. I think this was the best bargain we ever bought, it was just over $100AUD at an import clearance of furniture from Bali. There’s a smaller one which matches it, which we had bought in a different state at least a year before, you can see it in the previous photo under the lightning picture. We were lucky to find these!


This is a photo of the kitchen/pool table room. The pool table is the first thing to be moved, it is costing us an absolute fortune because it has to go upstairs. Please cross your fingers that they can actually manage to get it up the stairs. :) You can also see our outdoor setting, which all needs washing off before we move it, and the lanterns in the gardens are ours as well, they’re going to need a good spray with spider spray. At our new place, we are “borrowing” my parents water feature because they can’t use it where they are now. ;) It’ll look great on our balcony.


Here you can see my packing area. This is where anything glass, ceramic, or generally breakable gets packed.


This is the other part of the packing station and let us state for the record, I am a genius. :) It was my idea to put sticky tape on the clothes horse like this. It saves you time and a lot of grief from trying to wrap something and then cut tape. ;)


This is many of my sentimental much loved knick knacks, which take a lot of time and effort to pack. The ceramic castle I made myself, when I used to do ceramics as a hobby – I also did that lovely green candlestick holder, which is going to have pride of place on my dining table – which will be used for *dining* in the new place *shock* *boggle* *awe* rather than art. The dragon you can see the back of with the big copper wings, The Other Half did that himself at Ceramics. We used to do it together once a week. No, it’s not girly! It’s creative art!


Nothing you see here cost over $10AUD. I love collecting glass and you can probably tell blue glass is my favourite. The tall red and black thing is actually fortune telling sticks which my parents brought back from Japan many years ago. I love them. Some of these items, though inexpensive, are my most treasured things.


Another empty room, Yay!


A not so empty room – this is The Other Half’s office. He is refusing to pack it till the last minute. Can you tell this is somewhat.. annoying to me? I mean sure, leave the computer there, but the little stuff which he’s not going to use, surely he can pack?

Today three potential tenants toured this house, including a family with two kids, said kids were amazing. The younger one was wearing a superman outfit and he was getting excited about each room of the house. They mentioned they would be putting in an application and I am very hopeful they are the ones to get it. ;)

Thanks to all my regular readers for hanging in there with me during this time of upheaval and chaos, but I am hopeful it’s going to be worth it in the end – for me because I’ll be walking every day and attempting a healthier lifestyle – and some menu planning, and for you because you’ll get a lot more beautiful photos, and more community orientated kinds of tales. I do intend to become involved in the community down there, getting out and meeting new people and being a part of things. I may even begin selling my art at the markets from time to time.

So, it’s not much longer now. I will be around a bit during the week but there will be at least one day I will be at the new house cleaning for most of the day.

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8 thoughts on “A Moving Update With Pics!

  1. Greta pictures. I can’t believe you actually had your camera out during the packing. Mine went right in a box and I took no pics during my move. But I wish I had. Maybe I can just use yours ;)

  2. Cugat – I always have the camera handy. It’s probably more out of habit than anything else. ;)

    Chani – I was selling that lamp to scammers on craigslist! ;) It cost me maybe $60 but I was telling the scammers it was an antique lamp and wanting thousands for it! hehe

    I always wanted to have a lamp like that when I was a kid and my parents would never let me. It was one of the first things I bought for me when I earned money. I have seen a bunch of these in different colors and I want to collect them, they’re not very expensive. They have a cobalt blue one…. my favourite!

    Sephy – the cereal post is written and in the queue to be posted. :)

    Thanks for the comments all! ;)


  3. You’re so organized with your moving! Ideally I’m like that, and was when I moved out of a shared apartment into my own place, but when I moved in with Boyfriend things were a total disaster and I was so unprepared. I’m still not unpacked either (it’s way too hot – about 105F/44C). Maybe the next move will be better.

    Can’t wait to see pics of your new place!

  4. Hope the moves goes well, and soon you’ll be having a glass of something to celebrate the new home. I am so enjoying your work… I look forward to checking out your new stuff. Glad you’ll be walking your health is the most important..without it you can’t accomplish anything. Nor are you able to enjoy the good things in life.

    My best to you and your family, Dorothy from grammology

  5. I once moved a sealed box labelled ornamental knick-knacks through three houses since I couldn’t be bothered unpacking it and finding places to display them. At the fourth house I donated the still unopened box to the nearest Salvation army store. I still don’t remember what was in it and now I don’t care. I’m just glad I didn’t have to dust them. Of course now there’s a new bunch of “things” which require dusting so every year or so I dispose of a few. But then No. 2 husband goes for a walk past the $2 shop and comes home with bits and pieces……..

  6. Woo… gotta love moving!
    I see you’re not the only one having problems with a pool table.
    My other half and I are living with my parents (in my childhood bedroom, mind) and he has just gone and bought an $800 pool table. And we have nowhere to put it. I am not happy!
    With rent prices the way they are at the moment, I think we’ll be lucky enough to find a place to put a pool table…
    You are very organised, by the way! Loved the virtual tour!

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