The Little Kitty Is HERE!

Hi Humans! Hi Cows! The Humans think I am an airhead. I’m not really an airhead but they seem to like it if I act like one and feed me more treats when I’m being funny like the robot they nick-named me after. Here is a clip where you can see my name and some of the other funny things that robot does.

The Humans love that cartoon. It’s not bad but I prefer Animal Precinct and Cops. I like seeing bad humans locked up. The humans who get locked up on Animal Precinct are extra bad because they are mean to animals!


Here is a photo of me sitting on Mommy’s desk. Near where my foots is, is where the mouse is. I don’t know why they call it a mouse. I have watched it. I have batted it with my paw, and it doesn’t run away. It isn’t afraid of me and I can’t stick my claws into it. It’s not a real mouse at all! But when Mommy uses the mouse it tickles my foots and I have to swipe at her with my claw. After all, I’m trying to sleep here!


The Big Kitty is sometimes mean to me. Here you can see her stealing the Good Spot to sit in. As you may be able to tell, I am Not Impressed.


There are times when I get the Good Spot to sit in. This is one of them. The big thing I am sitting next to is a ceramic heater. It’s WARM! I *like* it!


This is another time when I got the Good Spot. I am sleeping in this photo. For some reason when I sleep like this the Humans go “Awwww” a lot. I don’t mind it. It’s just noisy, and I’m trying to sleep. Humans should be quiet when I am trying to sleep. They get upset when I play with my Jingle Ball when they are sleeping!


This is another Good Spot. The Humans get upset when I sleep on soft things. They say “Bad Kitty! Don’t fur up my clothes!”. I don’t know who they are talking to because I am not named “Bad Kitty”. My name is Grumpy. I also answer to Dainty Foots. That’s because I have cute, Dainty Foots. See?


I better get off the keyboard now because Mommy Human seems to be finished making the floors wet and hot with that steamy thing and she will be upset that I furred up her keyboard. Bye for now from Grumpy!

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10 thoughts on “The Little Kitty Is HERE!

  1. Nice to meet you Gir! You’re a gorgeous cat! You should join Weekend Cat Blogging – your post would be perfect for this weekend, you just have to provide your linkie at the host’s blog and you’ll be added to the round-up. That means lots of other kitty bloggers will come around and say hello! :)

    This weekend it’s here:

    From Katie

  2. Hi Gir! You sure have cute feets. I love Animal Precinct too. Sometimes it makes my eyes leak when sad things happen, but I feel glad when the bad guys get in big trouble.

    That heater looks like a very Good Spot for sitting near.

  3. Katie – It might be a bit late but I submitted it. ;) Thanks for letting me know!

    Cugat – yours is cute. Shouldn’t your cat blog sometime soon? ;)

    Daisy – I would imagine Grumpy would share her heater with you, if you would share your outfits. ;)

    Forest – I had hidden all four jingle balls in my bedside cupboard because they got played with – never during the day, but always just after I fell asleep! ;)

    Thanks for the comments all. Gir is doing a sleeping on the floor in The Other Half’s room else she would have replied. ;)


  4. Boo_Licious – Thanks for dropping in and saying hi! Grumpy is an odd animal but she is very sweet. :) I love the food photos on your blog, now I am hungry for Sushi!

    Pia K – You’re from Sweden? IKEA! :) no seriously I love Ikea. ;) and your language, and Abba. Your cat is *stunning*. I loved your blog. :)

    River – we once had a lease that was no pets. We had the big kitty at the time. We would simply hide her when it was time for inspections. One time she went for a 45 minute walk around the block in her cat carrier with The Other Half. She was not amused. ;) And frankly neither was he. ;) hehe


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