Today the kitties snubbed their usual sleeping places. It is almost like they read this blog! The little kitty said NO to Ironing and yes to a sleeping spot with a view. Remember you can click on the image for a bigger view. :)
Kitty Sleeping
The big kitty did not venture too far from the laptop bag.
Kitty Sleeping
I wonder if this means they’ll sleep somewhere else entirely tomorrow? ;)

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8 thoughts on “Snubbed!

  1. I think they switch sleeping spots all the time just to keep us guessing. I swear, just when you think you know where you’ll find them next, you can’t find them at all, and then they turn up somewhere entirely different, but as though that had been their favorite place all along, and you were nuts to think otherwise. Snarky little devils, aren’t they? But I still love ’em! :)

  2. Heidi – they are very clever. They have now learnt to open the big doors of the walk in robes here.

    Daisy – she was in a mood. I think she heard me mentioning the word VET. They have to visit the VET in the next couple of days for their yearly shots. But I also think she is tired of being “papped” in her own home.. ;)

    Chani – They love to sleep in each others spots as well. Though I have never seen the big kitty on the ironing board yet. I think she thinks it is beneath her. ;) Not comfortable enough!

    Teeni – The big kitty hid herself inside a box recently and neither of us could find her. We were going around the house looking and calling her for about 20 minutes before she decided to make an appearance. The reason I didn’t look inside the box was it had stuff on top of it! I can’t work out how she got in there without knocking everything off.

    Faz – Absolutely! ;) But we Humans don’t often change our sleeping spots. Maybe we should do that more often.. ;)

    Thanks for the comments all!

  3. Cats really are totally unfathomable creatures.

    My cats have recently started snubbing me at night, ever since I got one of them a nifty sheepskin sleeping pad which was supposed to be for daytime use only. Last night I tried moving it to the bedroom to convince them to come back to me…and they hid under the camping gear in the loft. Sigh.

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