Shhh.. Little Kitty Sleeping!

Recently I have had to Take Important Preventative Measures. The little kitty has found a new favourite sleeping spot, one that gives her new and interesting ways to furr up our clothes if I am forgetful. She has always loved furring up our clothes and she loves washing baskets with freshly clean clothes to furr up, but this is something completely new. You can click on any of these pictures for a larger image.
Kitty Sleeping
Hmm, perhaps that photo doesn’t quite tell the story – but you can see the joy in her eyes. This one might be better.
Kitty Sleeping
Yes but it doesn’t quite tell the full story. Still, very cute. Let’s try again.
Kitty Sleeping
Ok, now I think you can see the gravity of the problem, and why I now have to put a towel over my ironing board the moment I am finished ironing. Yes, I do have quite a flash looking iron, it is a Laura Star and it is MAGIC. It can do vertical ironing, you only have to iron one side of a pair of pants and it irons right through – the same goes for arm sleeves. It can do any material you can think of without you needing to change a single setting on the iron, and the base it sits on is actually the water reservoir – it steams up a storm.
Kitty Sleeping
They sell them on TVSN here in Australia and they often have the lady from Laura Star on to tell you tips and tricks – all of which I am now using and they mean I can do a lot of ironing fast without it looking like I did it fast. They are not cheap but if you have to iron regularly at all you will not regret spending the money to get one – you’ll be spending a lot less time ironing and you’ll be enjoying it instead of hating it. Ironing is now my favourite chore. I have a special half hour put aside to iron every day. ;) And I get really upset if I run out of ironing to do! This from someone who used to do anything to avoid having to iron, including wearing clothes which were creased to the point it would upset my mother.
Kitty Sleeping
The big kitty has not found any new places to sleep. She’s content furring up my laptop bag. As you see.
Kitty Sleeping

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10 thoughts on “Shhh.. Little Kitty Sleeping!

  1. Both of your “kids” have beautiful coloring! I can’t blame the one for wanting to lay on the ironing board. It must be so nice and cozy especially right when you are done using it! Thanks for sharing your pretty kitties with us! Your iron sounds wonderful. I think the best name in the states for irons right now is Rowenta, but I’m not positive. I one of those that tries to avoid ironing.

  2. I used to hate ironing until.. well until I gave it up!

    Since I moved to Montreal I have not ironed one thing. People don’t seem to do it here as much as they do in London and the big huge dryer seems to throw things out pretty well uncreased.

    I am sure all Cats have an evil streak and know full well what they are doing. Give them a scratcing post and they will scratch the chair next to it…


  3. I’m thinking of getting this iron AND the new fan driven ironing board. have you seen that? Tried it out at the recent Quilt Festival. I iron LOTS of silk and can’t wait to afford the whole shebang. Cute kitty- yes, don’t they love to share the fur?!?

  4. Awww, cute little kitty!

    I don’t mind ironing. I do it every week and it takes me less than 30 minutes. If I go really slow I can make it last the whole hour of House (I can’t just sit and watch tv – must. be. doing. something.

  5. They are too cute!

    Unfortunately, our neighbours (who aren’t responsible cat owners, like yourself) have allowed their recently aquired cat to run around unspayed, and she has now given birth to her second litter of four kittens – under our house. They were totally adorable, but we had to put them all over the fence, as our 16 year old dog probably wouldn’t be too impressed with cats running around, and neither are we. Her first lot of kittens had cat fleas, so we were able to drop them off down at the vet, and someone from an animal welfare group was going to pick them up after treatment.

    This second set, which we only found last weekend, look to be about 4 weeks old now… cute little bundles of fluff! Sigh.

    I wish our neighbours would spay their cat if they’re not going to stop it from running around. The poor thing obviously doesn’t feel safe having the kittens in their yard because the children are horribly cruel, but that doesn’t mean we want them either! If it happens again I’ll be ringing the council and seeing what our options are…

    As for Little Kitty – that’s what I call a good excuse not to iron!

  6. Julie – That is the first time I saw her do tucked in face, it was so cute! ;)

    Cugat – Yep, she is! ;)

    Sephyroth – Well done on interpretation there, that is exactly what she was saying. ;)

    Teeni – The little kitty has done a snub of it today, I have pics which I shall post soon.

    Forest – I had given up before – I used to iron maybe once in six months, the rest of the time I bought stuff that was easy care, or just tried to pretend the creases weren’t there. This tactic didn’t work too well though!

    Glennis – Not only have I seen it but I have used one, and they are fabulous. They are worth every cent. Its a shame you’re not in Australia because TVSN have a pay by the month deal.. maybe they have it on a tv shopping network in the US with a similar deal? ;)

    Kin – I used to hate it. HATE IT! But now I am totally loving it. ;) If you have the right equipment to do the job it makes life so much easier.

    Daisy – Yes she has the cute foots too. :) So cute!.

    Kelly – That is so unfair. I can’t believe people wouldn’t have their animals spayed. If the children are horribly cruel maybe they don’t deserve a cat. The next time it ends up under your house you could call the animal welfare people and pretend like you don’t know whose cat it is, if you felt like the kids are too mean to the animal. They say cruelty to animals is the first sign of a potential serial killer in later life, so those kids are all set for a fantastic future right there! :(

    Thanks for the comments all!

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