The road not taken

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I— I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference.

I often wonder about the choices I have made during my lifetime. I am pondering on a few different topics at the moment, but I have a cat here who thinks someone has cut her throat because there’s none of her favorite kibble in the house. She’s going around giving me the evil eye.

The Other Half has two days off and is fast asleep in bed. I wanted to get up and going early today – to get the kibble which is apparently desperately needed! before the shops get over-run with zillions of people looking to get out of the rain by going shopping – but he had a long day at work yesterday. So today I leave you with a couple of kitty photos from The Other Half’s phone – I like to take pictures of the kitties with it when he’s not looking – while I try to get The Other Half out of bed and to the shops to satisfy a very upset kitty.


I may be back later today with something I’ve been writing, if it comes to me as a surprise.

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4 thoughts on “The road not taken

  1. Oh, they are divine!

    As for the idea of two roads, I do love that poem… but it has always caused me to think. What if I went right?

    Lovely post.

  2. Fan-fucking-tastic. Thanks for the DAAS clip. I MISS THEM!

    Just one more tour boys?? C’mon. Richard was alwasy the straight one then, and still is!

    What is Tim doing nowadays?

    As for the Road Less Traveled? Isn’t that road simply a personal judgement call? I think you can probably have arguments for either and convince yourself of them anyway..

    Just talking from experience :)

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