I may have created a monster..

The Other Half is truly one of the funniest men I know. Funny is a major point on my list of things a man must be in order for me to be attracted.. Some women would be attracted to this –


or maybe something like this –


but me, I don’t mind if a man looks like this –


or even this –


as long as he can make me laugh.

The guy in the above “tough love” picture actually looks a little like my other half. ;) and thankfully the other half does not read this blog. At least he tells me he does not.. ;) He knows I think that guy looks like him – it’s actually Mick Molloy who is a comedian here in Australia, and that picture was on a radio station poster which was all over the place a while back.

Like I say, the other half was already a very funny guy, but one year in the days before you could buy it on DVD the cable tv channel here ran a marathon of Seinfeld episodes, in order. I taped the whole thing. The marathon lasted four days. I’d never really watched Seinfeld much other than caught the odd episode, but when you watch it IN ORDER it is a lot funnier than the way a lot of the TV shows played it.

The reason I taped it was the Other Half and I often could not agree on what to watch while we eat dinner. Dinner time was one of the rare times we actually watched TV, and we could sit there and argue about what we should watch until dinner went cold. Movies were too long. We didn’t have DVD’s back then. Often there would be nothing decent on the TV at dinner time. He didn’t mind Seinfeld, I was willing to give it a try, and the episodes lasted for 22 minutes, just perfect for eating dinner. We became real fans of the show, and it somehow made the other half even more funny than he’d been previously. He can take any topic and go all Jerry about it.

I can’t really give you any examples of his funniness here, because when I write them down they don’t seem so funny. Let me simply say that not one day goes by where The Other Half does not have me laughing so hard I have to sit down before I fall down.

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4 thoughts on “I may have created a monster..

  1. Hey Snoskred

    To see a whole new dimension to Seinfeld, watch the interviews and stuff that come on the DVDs – they opened up so much of the show for me.



  2. My husband also makes me laugh–daily!!! It is truly a great quality in a parter.

    Thanks for the funny clips this morning–I needed a laugh.

  3. Sense of humor = key to makign it through with perspective.

    Of course funny is great just for entertainment too.

    Still, I did not mind the flash of eye candy when I opened your blog today! LOL

    Nice post. All of it, I mean LOL.

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