Time for a laugh.

So yeah, it’s been a bit of a bad week in blog world. People missing out on jobs, people saying goodbye to loved pets, and various other unpleasant happenings.

I’ve actually had a fairly reasonable week here, with the exception of –

  • not being able to find my good paintbrushes and sequins,
  • not really having any clue what I want to do with myself now even though it seems my parents are happy to pay me to stay at home, bait, blog, and watch Dr Phil and Oprah.

So today to have a bit of a laugh, I’ve been looking for some funny stuff I can link you to, or post myself, and I found this list of Carson Kressley quotes. I really think he’s funny. :) Or perhaps you’re in the mood to create your own Darkly Gothic poem? You might want to make a madlibs.

And take a look at this blog post by my mate Sephy over on the scambaiter blog which contains the most hilarious email ever written to a scammer, in my opinion..

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