The Jack Daniels Shrine

I had a blog all written but then firefox deaded and all my words went away :( I’ll try and recreate it later. In the meantime – take a look at the Jack Daniels Shrine. ;)


The candles inside the red glasses at the front we got from haven and space. They are day of the week candles and the other half got very upset when he came home and found out I had lit all of them at once – “What are you doing! You can only light one of these each day!” while he extinguished 6 of them. I said I wanted to take a nice photo and he forgave me but then I said you’ll have to light those ones again so I can take the pic. ;) As to why it is the Jack Daniels Shrine, I’m not sure but the bottles in the pic have something to do with it ;)

The other day I posted a couple of pics and asked ya’all to guess what they were. It’s a water feature. The glass ball has been cracked somehow on the inside, and it has LED lights which reflect where all the cracks are. I’m not too good at explaining this but here’s a pic.


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