Delicate Nirvana Part 3


Thus far we have talked about why our new pergola is known as the Delicate Nirvana while showing you the beautiful fairy lights we installed, then we talked about what we did to make it a Kitty Delicate Nirvana.

So what did we need to make it a delicate nirvana for humans? Oh, just a few things, which will take at least two posts to describe.


First up, my most favourite thing out here thus far – copper coasters. These came from a shop in Berry called Few and Far – there are other locations of that same store, too. Why are they such a favourite? They are gorgeous, reflect the fairy lights, and somehow probably because of science or because of the design, they do not attach themselves to the bottom of my cup as a surprise.


The KALAS bowl from IKEA is perfect to protect ones cup from flying creatures and dust. It is dishwasher and microwave safe, plus it is plastic, so I have a lot of them in my cupboard. :)

Until we have the sarlon installed, we need citronella candles and mosquito coils.


I found these gorgeous BORRBY candle lanterns at IKEA. They were originally $19.95 each but on our Take That visit these were on clearance for just $5. Candle lanterns are a must when you have candles in a place kitties can reach, you do not want them sniffing at flames. These lanterns are huge with a big height of 44 cm.


We have these cute and colourful citronella mini lanterns – if we are sitting out here they might sit on the table – generally the kitties do not get up there and if we go inside, these can hang from hooks far from kitty noses. This has inspired a bit of a primary colour or rainbow scheme out here for various additions.

Sneak peek – we did get one of the sarlon panels installed this weekend. Now two are up, late Sunday as I type this.


Long story made shorter, we had to paint the wood to go inside the sarlon and we had some chook pen paint left over, so we have used that. You can’t see it anyway – it is more to protect the wood from the weather. I’m going to talk more about that paint on Wednesday. :)

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4 thoughts on “Delicate Nirvana Part 3

    • They are so beautiful and I was surprised to find they do not stick to the cups. ;) All my other coasters I have to fold up a tissue to prevent the cup sticking. I might be investing in a few more of the copper ones though at $11 they are a little Up Money, it is worth it to me as I do use coasters a heck of a lot. ;)

    • The sarlon is the green shadecloth stuff – we are using it to screen in the room rather than flyscreen. It is a bit of a complicated process to make the panels – one which I do hope to document but at this stage three of the screens have been made without me taking any photos of the making. :)

      I also have some plastic tablecloth stuff which we are going to try making a small panel or two from, it has a rainbow effect in the sunlight. :)

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