Yay for tomorrow..

Tomorrow’s going to be a good day.. :) I’ll be getting my Rockstar:Supernova cd. The other half has the day off. We might play some pool. I might get some blog commenting done, and maybe some painting.

I need a good day after this weekend from hell. ;) And a good sleep.. I’m just really tired right now.. but I thought I would post these pics of one of my favourite things. It’s a little alarm clock, it has LED lights in it, a different color for each hour and so when you press it if you know the colors well enough you don’t have to know the time.

If you touch it, it lights up, so I can reach out a hand in the dark and find out what the time is. It’s really handy since I need my glasses to see the other alarm clock and I didn’t want to move that closer because then I’d sleep in.. :) Here it is on demo mode so I could take pics of it without having to wait an hour for each color..



This is just 2 of the 12 colors.. :)

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