Speaking Of My Balcony

I went to test out the new lens and have a few pics for you.

My new lavender plant, which I have had for maybe three weeks and it has taken off like a rocket. Does anyone know, if you want to cut off the older lavender heads is there a certain place you should snip them?


My wisteria – it is a pink version called “summer wisteria”. I’ve had it for almost a year now. I love it!


My new herb garden which seems to be quickly outgrowing the pot it was put into – I did not expect it to take off quite so much. There is basil, italian flat parsley, chives and a capsicum tree. It smells incredible and I have used the herbs in my cooking twice now. Right behind it you can see one of my two tomato plants which I surrounded with chives because I got an 8 pack seedling tray. Both the chives and the tomato plant have doubled in size in just over a week!


The second tomato plant. Both tomato plants are already flowering, I think this is a good sign? I have been inspired by some fellow bloggers who have been growing their own foods. I decided to plant herbs and tomatoes but now I have a stack of pots without anything in them, so I may expand my new hobby. ;)


My dwarf fuchsia which has been repotted and is very happy by the look of things.

We have re-potted maybe 75% of our plants and we have gone through 6 bags of potting mix! We still need to get a few more pots and potting mix to finish the job. I go out every night and water the plants just before I cook dinner. It is such a peaceful time for me. It is just starting to get dark, I can smell the sea breeze drifting my way and the stars start appearing – and you can see them so clearly here without all the big city lights.

Tonight I am going to give them a good dose of fertilizer when I water them. They always enjoy that. The plants seem as happy by the change in location as we are. All the plants have new growth and the ones that can flower have buds all over the place. They get the morning and mid-day sun and miss out on that painful afternoon sun, which makes them happy I think.

Just so I know, do you prefer thumbnail pics so the page can load faster and then you can click on the ones you would like to view closer? Let me know in the comments..

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13 thoughts on “Speaking Of My Balcony

  1. Hey! Thanks for the heads up in my blog. I’m liking the new look. It seems neater.

    As for pictures, I actually prefer them bigger (but not the actual high res sizes) on blogs instead of tiny thumbnails, provided they do not stretch out my screen. So my vote would be for bigger thumbnails (at low enough resolutions not to appear too pixellated) that click to full-sized pictures in all their glory. That way, I can still see most of the detail even if I don’t click on them. Yeah, I’m lazy and picky. :)

  2. Lis – I think I have to go through and let everyone know personally because I lost a lot of people in the move. ;(

    Jennifer – Thanks! ;) I love my balcony and don’t know how I will ever go back to a regular garden..

    Thanks for the comments all! ;)


  3. You’re so lucky to have living fuchsia. It’s so delicate around here that it never lasts long. But it drops lovely flowers as it goes.

    Little pics work ok for me. (I know you’ve been waiting anxiously for my input on that.)


  4. I don’t know the correct place to snip lavender heads, I just cut mine off well down on the stem so that I don’t have empty stalks poking up through the foliage and that seems to work well. Lavenders are tough and forgiving, when I first moved into my unit the front corner where the fences meet has a semi circular garden with a very overgrown lavender sprawling all over, so I trimmed it, then decide to cut it right back so that I could reshape it. In the end I had the original trunk with about 5 branches stripped completely bare and about 8 inches long. Today the bush is 1 metre tall and 1 1/2 metres wide. Good luck with all your other plants. I haven’t planted tomatoes this year, mostly because I can’t decide what sort to try. I planted bush beans yesterday and my fruit trees are all producing fruit this year. They’re all in pots so that I can take them with me if I move again. I have a cherry, miniature peach, miniature nectarine, dwarf granny smith apple, satsuma plum, mariposa plum, also an apricot tree which is too young yet to produce fruit, it grew itself from a pit I threw under the daisy bush at my last home and I moved it when it was about a foot tall. I love gardening. My favourite thing is permaculture and I have folders of information on the subject so if I ever have a permanent home I’ll be set.

  5. Hi Snoskred! What lovely things you have growing all over! I wish I could help with the lavender but I could only help you in killing it! But I wanted to say I love your balcony – it’s sunny and private and comfortable looking. Also, I think if there are a lot of pictures I like to see them smaller and then click them to make bigger but if it is just one or a couple then go on and make ’em big! How’s that for a wishy-washy answer? ;)

  6. I love lavender..I even bought a fake one and it’s in my kitchen on the counter..it’s beautiful…

    I know I said this before…however, here goes again…I really like the new layout..

    Dorothy from grammology
    call your grandma….

  7. Chinee – WordPress seems to have a built in function for the photos, so I’ve been using that. I do have my own server space so I have loads of room, but if I uploaded the pics at full resolution it would be fairly slow for people on slower connections. I’m still toying with it, I’ll work it out eventually. ;) I want to see if I can make the thumbnail a little bigger.

    Chani – We are so lucky to have the balcony – now we wonder how we would go back to a “real” garden.

    River – what a great comment! ;) Wow, you have so many trees. I’m only starting out collecting trees. I would like an apple tree next I think.

    Yesterday morning I made scrambled eggs with fresh parsley and chives.. it was wonderful. There’s nothing better than having your own herbs, I think.

    Bryan – It does smell like that naturally but you have to get fairly close, at least thats what I’ve found so far. ;)

    Teeni – I never had any talent at gardening but I found it is like anything, if you work at it you can do it. ;) My mother is always saying “Don’t buy (species) they are impossible” and then I buy it and make it work, she’s always amazed. :)

    Dorothy – Thanks! I love it too. A fake lavender? Sounds unusual! ;)

    Thanks for the comments all! ;)

  8. We put some of our garden plants in pots this year, and even though the weather outside isn’t conducive to growing conditions anymore (we’ve had a couple of days near 0°C), we’ve got some peppers (capsicum) and tomatoes growing in the house now.

    What I really should do is plant some of these herb seeds I’ve got around here. ;)


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