What Plant Is This?


This plant in the chook pen has grown as a surprise to us. The chooks have left it alone, which is strange. Most plants do not get past the seedling stage before a chook eats them.


We have absolutely no idea what it is.


Clearly it grew from seeds which likely arrived from a plant the chooks were fed. But they get so many treats, and I do not recognise this plant at all. Recently things with seeds that they have had include pumpkin, tomato, zucchini, cucumber, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and likely more treats I have completely forgotten about. If something is on special at Aldi and it is something they like and it is ok for them to eat it, chances are it will jump in the trolley.


I never see bees inside the chook pen, so I suspect this plant will not bear any fruit. Maybe it isn’t anything good – maybe it is just a weed and I should pull it out?


Over to you – Got any idea what this might be? ;)

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5 thoughts on “What Plant Is This?

  1. It looks like some type of Mallow – especially the cheese round shaped fruit after the blossom fades. Definitely NOT a squash plant (sorry).

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