Spring Garden Update

I have a few updates – lets start with the garden..

It once looked like this.

Garden One

It now looks like this.


A lot of weeds had sprung up, so I have been slowly weeding and mulching. This is the half of the garden I have completed. I’ve put down sawdust formerly from the chook laying boxes, and also Zeolite and rice husks formerly from the run and coop.


A slightly closer view – you can see how much the seedlings have grown. What you can’t see is that my zucchini plant has flowers and a baby zucchini on it! I spotted that while out there today but couldn’t get good photos.


Strawberry flowers!


The chooks have been enjoying greens from the garden for a few months now. When they see me get in there, they go nuts bagerk-ing and took took-ing, hoping that greens will come to them as a surprise.


As you can see, there is still some work to do.

Unfortunately the weather has now turned to shyte, so it may not be done as soon as I would like.

Yes, that is a storage box full of weeds which I removed from the garden. :)

There is also a chook free ranging tent. That will be the next update.

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