The Things We Don’t Do

I just got back from the gym – my first visit in a few months. I think the last time I was there regularly was end of May, then I got an evil flu which came with some very nasty bronchitis. After I got better I tried going back but ended up with another flu and frankly got scared to risk going again during the winter months – what with the wet hair from sweating and then having a shower when I got home, I generally was spending too much time with wet hair and I felt I was risking pneumonia again..

I had pneumonia in 2003 – it was awful, absolutely dreadful. And it made me quit smoking, which was *fan-freaking-tastic* thank you very much!

I’ve wanted to go back but.. time passed, we started the chicken coop project, we got the chickens, we got gardening, and really I was doing a fair bit of exercise on my own. On the other hand, I was winter eating, which is not optimal.

Color me shocked when I arrived there today to weigh in and get measured to find out that I had actually lost 4kg since my last gym visit and 2cm off each thigh and upper arms! Plus, 4cm off my chest. Must be all that painting, digging, and chooky chores.

But this is not enough, for two reasons.

1. Hawaii in November

2. I am one of those sick and twisted people who actually *enjoys* a workout.

Ok three. I really would like to get a Diane Von Furstenberg wrap dress while I am in Hawaii. And I would like to get it in a much smaller size than I am right now.

Oh and maybe a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes. Or Manolos. Or just an awful lot of $20 shoes from Clarks Bostonian and the other shoe discount store.

These things are so incredibly cheap in Hawaii that even I could afford them.

Exercise is not enough, either. I need to eat better. Realistically I am pretty good with eating. I have cut back to one sugar in each coffee. I never, ever drink soft drinks anymore since becoming addicted to the mineral watery goodness (I love to throw in a few chopped up fresh strawberries, it is soo good!) and I eat pretty well. But portion size is an issue for me. When I eat, I eat too much in one sitting. I should break up my main meals into smaller meals.

So I wrote this post to remind myself why I should go to the gym because once I get there I enjoy it, and I come home buzzed for the rest of the day. I want to go 3x a week between now and Hawaii.

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  1. Firstly congratulations for getting back to the gym. I haven’t been for a while myself but make an effort to go walking with my partner at least twice a week down the canal, which is around a 2 miles round trip.

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