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This past week has been extremely busy because it has rained cats and dogs here. In 4 days we had over 120mm!

The trouble with this is that we live next door to a large football oval which is elevated higher than our place. So, all the run off from the football oval ends up in our backyard. :( This turned the yard into a swimming pool. It looked like this.


Yes, next to the beige fence is all waterlogged too. Bear in mind the grass is pretty long, it didn’t get mowed and the chooks haven’t been out chopping it down with their beaks.

The rain started on Tuesday. On Wednesday around lunchtime when the above photo was taken I went out to check on the chookys, the water went through my shoes thoroughly saturating my feet. After I did not have any shoes which would be suitable for going out to the chook coop! Uhoh, what now?

Once I changed shoes and socks, I spent a good couple of hours in pouring rain driving around to local stores trying to find gumboots. You would think this would be an easy task – and it would be if you were a kid. However being an adult, not a single store had any adult gumboots. Just after 5:30pm I found my way to the local fishing store which was closed but lucky for me took pity on me and let me in when they had what I needed. YAYS O YAYS teh gumboots.

I was then able to return home and shut the chooks up for the night but the fun was not quite over yet. We discovered a minor flood at the front of the house where the garbage bins reside. This required a trip to Bunnings to get a hoe so we could build a drain down the side of the driveway. If any human can go to Bunnings and return home with just the thing they went there for, they must be a better human than we are, because we spent $133 and only $20 of that was on the hoe.

The other half then STOLE my gumboots to go outside and make a drain. We have the same size feet, isn’t that funny? Well the next day we had to go back and get a second pair of gumboots so we both have a set.

We spent time over the next couple of days digging various drains in different places to allow the water to run off better. We now have a sludgy, muddy, icky mess. But at least all the water sitting on top of the ground (eg in the below photo) has drained away. There is now a drain right through the middle of this shot, which I do not have a photo of.


We dug a drain along the front of my veg garden which was running like a stream for the past few days. The garden has loved the rain, my plants are very happy. I was inspired to get a few more seedlings today while at Bunnings, again, to get flyscreen for my mealworm farm. Because as I say you can’t just get the thing you went for. :)


I have killed 2 Redbacks this week who showed themselves once the water rose higher than where they live.

The chookys have been somewhat locked in this week – even on the days I let them out into their run they preferred to stay inside the coop. But this has inspired a new chooky besides Floppy to lay! It was a perfect first egg, though a little on the small side. With that said it was still big enough to eat. I made up scrambled eggs today with that egg and four of Floppy’s eggs.

We don’t know who it was. I suspect one of the English Game bantams as one of them – purple comb – has changed comb color significantly this week. It is now more like burgundy comb. Same chooky has been approaching me for feather massage and back scratching whenever I have been near the coop so I think she thinks I am a rooster.

I was out in the yard this afternoon having planted my new beetroot seedlings and my rainbow chard plant, in my gumboots having just put down the hoe, leaning on the fence around the garden, watching my chookys scratch around and make happy noises and trumpet about their lactose free yogurt I gave them and the brussel sprouts they demolished while I was at work today.. and they really did demolish them, there was only one leaf left..

.. it occurred to me that as muddy as it was and with new rain starting to spit down around me.. this is the life. :)

Intense contentment.

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  1. Hooray for the first egg from o e of your girls!! And I agree – I can never go to buntings just for the thing I meant to go there for!! Just like I can’t go to the local nursery for a coffee without coming back with a seedling…

    Your chook house is amazing.

    Good work with the drainage but ooooooh what a pain!

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