A day out..

Today we went to do a few chores and also for a nice drive through the mountains. I thought I would share a couple of pics from today with you. We went to a lookout at the top of a local mountain and just as we got out of the car we spotted this scratching around in the bushes.



It is a lyrebird. We’ve seen a few since we moved here and the last time we drove up in the mountains one ran out in front of us, luckily we missed it. Back in our Zoo days we used to sit and eat lunch in front of the lyrebird enclosure and many times we were treated to the amazing mimicry calls from the lyrebird nicknamed Chooky. You could call him and he would turn up, and often launch into his little dance and song. It was very difficult to get a photo of him as the lyrebird prefers to hide in the rain forest, so I am happy we got these shots today. ;) This is a male, the female has a much shorter tail without the beautiful feathers.

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3 thoughts on “A day out..

  1. That is SOOOOOO COOL – I’ve only seen one on the “Life of Birds” dvd, which was slightly sad because the bird there lived in the rain forest and mimicked the chainsaws it heard all day, but I digress – this is amazing! As a bird nerd I am super-jealous!

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