Found – hairdresser + Night photography

Some months ago I wrote about hairdresser hunting. Since moving here I have had some horrible haircuts, and the last one which was back in September was so terrible I had not been back to a hairdresser since. It’s taken 9 long months to grow out the layers put in by the last woman.

So I have been putting it off for as long as possible but now that it is winter and the hair was really long and taking ages to dry, I had to firmly pressure myself into going and finding a new place to get it cut. I’d seen this place in an alleyway off the main street of our local town which looked interesting. I went, I got my hair cut, and it feels a lot better. But I still haven’t found what I’m looking for.. a place that does everything. Haircuts, waxing of legs and eyebrows, all in one convenient location. That hairdresser does not do it. ;(

After getting hairs cut, the Other half and I went for a drive to get some night photos. The moon was almost full and we were hoping to get some kangaroos at night pictures. There were no roos out and about, but we did get these.



Where the last shot was taken, as we stood there the water is so crystal clear even in the dark, that we saw a big stingray gliding through the shallows in the moonlight. Amazing. I want to spend more time beach walking around there. Both shots are long exposure and we were using a tripod. It was windy at the first photo location – and there were rabbits! The second location was much calmer, no wind really and no waves, but there were also rabbits. Sorry, I didn’t get any rabbit shots, they ran off before we had the camera set up. Rabbits but no roos. It’s full moon for a few days now, we might try again over the next few days.

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2 thoughts on “Found – hairdresser + Night photography

  1. Ah, the dangers of bloglines and other feed-readers.

    I noticed the full moon myself last night, but was doing the utterly prosaic thing: driving to Target to shop.

    I should have been walking along the ocean.

  2. Oh I feel your hairdresser pain. I’m taking a leap this weekend with a new one. Here’s hoping I don’t have to buy a bunch of hats next week :)

    Beauuuutiiiful pictures!

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