Run & Coop Mated!

Finally, the run and coop have been mated together. We could not have had a worse day for it with winds reaching up to 100kms an hour. It was craizy scary around here tree wise, with a lot of branches falling including one falling across my newly planted seedlings this evening..

Here are some pics of the completed coop & run. Sorry these are iphone pics, not the best I’ve ever taken.





Purple comb was the first one to venture out bravely into their new scary world.


The chookadoos finally braved the scary winds and came out to check out their new outdoor area.


It was really windy from so many different directions they weren’t quite sure where to look.


Red comb showing you why I fell in love with her.. and Light Sussex in the background looking for mealworms!


I try to give them a new and different treat each day. Today was a pear, fresh baby spinach, curl worms from the garden and mealworms to lure them out into the run. They enjoyed the pear enormously but it took them most of the day to eat the majority of it and they have some left for tomorrow – the baby spinach did not last very long at all. The Light Sussex eats all of the curl worms while the other girls just eat their heads and leave the rest.

Not only did we get this job completed today but I also finished weeding and turning the garden bed, planted the lemon tree which had been waiting for a shovel in order to be planted, planted over 30 new seedlings including rainbow silverbeet, lettuce, parsley, cauliflower, kale and strawberry.

All this in huge winds. I feel like I’ve eaten about a kilo of dirt and sand. I also feel extremely well satisfied with myself. :)

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