A House Warming Party

So we’ve been in the new house for just over a month now. Before we moved we talked about having a house warming – we agreed that we would like to have one.

Party planning can be a real headache. I’ve planned a lot of parties in my lifetime without checklists, without any kind of organisation, without much thought. Something always goes wrong. Now if it were just me, I’d be fine with it – but when it is a party I’ve invited people along so when things go wrong I tend to panic. Seriously.

In fact during our last dinner party – the first time we had my parents to the new house to eat, The Other Half said “We’re never doing this again” because he saw me freaking out. I was trying to do about 6 things at once. I think if I had a plan I would have a better chance of getting through it without those moments of panic.

So what kind of party am I going to have? I like something fairly informal, something that involves the barbecue, and we now have this fantastic balcony – check it out!



I think we’ll move all the plants to the further end away from the BBQ just for the night to create more room. The balcony is private and not overlooked at all. We’ve been repotting a lot of the plants over the last couple of weeks so it is a little messy. We still have some work to do out there. Even so the balcony has quickly become one of my favourite spaces and my office window looks out onto it. I can’t wait to have a party out there on a nice warm night. ;)

There’s two weekends we can have the party on before the end of the year but one of them is only 2 weeks away so it might end up being in early December, but then everyone is doing holiday season things. We might leave it till January. I’ll talk it over with the other half.

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6 thoughts on “A House Warming Party

  1. One thing I love about reading you is that you say things like “Developing a website is such an exciting process.’ To me, developing a website sounds as pleasant as root canal work, but much more difficult.

  2. Emily – it truly is one of the most exciting things I have ever done – both this site, and when I was working on a couple of the scam victim support websites. For me the process of learning how to do things is so empowering. ;)

    Like graphics, for example. I made the graphic at the top of the page – with a little help from The Other Half – and now I can go into my photo editor and do all kinds of wacky things. ;) hehe

    Thanks for the comment!

  3. It looks lovely, and I hope the party goes well, whenever you decide to have it. :-)

    I like the new comment notification by e.mail – sure to bring people back, I always like to receive those.

  4. Love that balcony. I think you should move the pot plants into groups to create little ecosystems, that way too you can have plants which need more watering together, plants which need less water together, plants which love more sun or more shade can be grouped, herbs that you pick often can be right beside the door for easy access…………..

  5. Juliet – I love comment notifications but I hate it when I forget to tick the box. I almost put rhe box on automatic tick here but I know some people dislike that, so.. ;)

    River – We have a plan very similar to what you have suggested ;) We need to clean off the balcony before we do anything – it is filthy from all the re-potting and then I fertilized the plants as well. Monday next week we’ll finish the re-potting, then we’re borrowing the steam pressure tool thingy my parents have, and we’ll get it spotless – then rearrange them all. The herbs do need to be near the door, because I use them a lot. ;) My hibiscus are about to flower again too. :) I’d like a plant stand for them so I can see them from my window.

    Teeni – It is a brilliant idea, I am always constantly amazed at how many great sites there are out there. ;)

    Thanks for the comments all!

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