Dolphins, Pink Water, High Tide.

Last night The Other Half and I went for our very first beach walk together. The sun was setting, the sky was pink and so was the water. As we walked along the beach we saw dolphins swimming not very far off the beach. I did not have the camera, I apologise. I will make sure to take it next time.

We’re all moved in now, the truck with the very last of our stuff – the heavy things – just unloaded everything and left.

The Kitties are doing a freak out. We brought them here late Saturday night, when we’d moved so much of our stuff here we didn’t feel ok about sleeping at the old house. We slept on an air mattress. The kitties did not sleep, they spent the night wandering the house and jumping at every sound. T

They have started to settle down a bit and by Sunday night they were getting quite brave and jumping onto the window sills to look out. Now we don’t have any more moving of big stuff to do, they will settle even more.

I’ve been offline since Saturday Morning, so big thanks to Sephy for posting the thought of the day and the other posts which I’d pre-written, and also for adding a couple of things into my weekly wrap up as I ran out of time (here on the blog and past Snoskred was all Sephy’s own work this week, well done mate!).

I might go get something to eat, the local paper and then find a beach to stroll along. ;) Then back here to read what ya’all have been up to while I’ve been moving!

I don’t think it has really sunk in yet that we have moved, as insane as that may sound. I’ve been so busy doing I’ve had no time for thinking. ;)

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10 thoughts on “Dolphins, Pink Water, High Tide.

  1. They’ll settle down in a few days. The important thing is to have a place for them that is familiar. If they have a favorite blanket or bed, set it up in a private corner for them along with food and water. They’ll get used to the new place quicker and won’t be as stressed.

  2. I’m sure it will take a while before you don’t feel like you’re just on vacation! Yes, please get some pics of the beach when you can! I’m jealous!

  3. I hope you walk the beach a lot..happy new home. It’s so important to enjoy life everyday, even if it’s for only a moment.

    I hope this is the week you begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel..

    Dorothy from grammology

  4. Apparently once you start licking yourself in the middle of the room it means you’re comfortable in your new surroundings. This might also apply to the cats as well. It’s just what I’ve heard.


  5. I must get back to the beach one day soon. Our favourite walk is to buy an icecream at the Semaphore kiosk, walk along the water’s edge all the way to the Largs Bay kiosk, buy another icecream and walk back again. This used to be a weekly thing, our daily walk was just sand wandering and strolling along the jetty watching the sunset or watching the ships come in to the port.

  6. C. Richey – They have settled a lot now, in fact almost too much. The big kitty tried to get out the front door when I opened it the other day! There was a big dog out there, she would have freaked out.

    Christine – 1.2kms to walk to it, we’ve measured. ;) yay!

    Teeni – I’ll take the camera today.

    Dorothy – It’s going to make a huge difference to me to be so close to great walks. ;)

    Mary-LUE – I can see lovely sunsets from my lounge room windows. ;) we’re up a bit higher due to being 2 story and nothing gets in the way of my views. ;)

    Cugat – Oh right, I found myself doing that the other day.. yay! ;) rofl no they are licking themselves in the middle of rooms now, so it’s all good.

    River – Those are some nice beaches there. Semaphore was always one of my favourites, much more so than Glenelg.

    Loz – I did accidentally today, but I’ll make sure to take it from now on. ;)

    Thanks for the comments all! ;)

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