Excuse Me While Things Get Crazy.

Just when I thought I could happily settle in to the new place, I remembered I have to go back and clean the old place. I haven’t replied to any comments since I think Friday last week, I’m sorry everyone but it will have to wait till I get home today or maybe even later in the week depending on how tired I am after all that cleaning.

I am hopeful I can complete the cleaning today thus giving me the rest of the week to start on unpacking here. However the Tuesday Think Tank will be posted later today. ;)

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8 thoughts on “Excuse Me While Things Get Crazy.

  1. Stop worrying! I’m sure that you have many readers besides me who can relate. Take in your beach photos and the zen post with them when you pop back in, and don’t forget to breathe. :)


  2. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    It’s strange how you get so attached to online duties!!

    Sometimes real physical tasks seem like they are just getting in the way of the virtual stuff we have to do!

  3. Vera – I just don’t want to let any of my readers down is all.. ;) I’ve worked so hard to get ya’all here.. ;)

    Forest – Absolutely! But now I think I need to balance the virtual with the physical. ;)

    Christine – Thanks for saying that.. ;)

    River – I don’t even want to think about the oven. ;( eew! I will stick to the microwave for now, we replaced the cooktop and range hood though.

    Emily – Thanks! :)

    Thanks for the comments all! ;)

  4. babe, sounds like we’re doing the same thing. just a couple of days until i leave the house and i’m bashing out comments instead of sleeping or packing! naughty girl!

  5. I meant for cleaning up the old place. Windex the windows, doors, the grungy bits of wall around light switches, shine the bathroom fittings, it’s amazing how much cleaner the bathroom looks when the taps are shiny…

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