Weekly Wrap Up 14/10/07

It has been a HUGE week with a new redesign and moving to wordpress. This week’s wrap up is a little shorter than usual because I have been too busy to keep up with my reader. Sorry about that everyone! ;)

Just before we get into the wrap up, I got an email from Neerav about the election being announced. If you’re in Australia you will want to read this post – Enrol and Register To Vote: You Can Make A Difference

Funny Search Terms This Week –

ways to get back at my sister – Now this is just sad. You don’t need to get back at her – it is bad karma for yourself. Take the high road. Be the better person, build a bridge and walk over it. ;)

what country does romeo and juliet born – Now I have to search to find out. I don’t think Shakespeare said a particular country.

picture of big jersey cows milk under – Do you mean udder? Is this some new weird kind of pr0n?

Coming Up –

This Tuesday we’re wrapping up some Blogger stuff on the Think Tank, I’m going to tell you a bit about the house as well as my plans for a housewarming party and hopefully we’ll have a men we love to watch this week, just for fun.

I’m so exhausted after a long day of chores so I’m off to bed, be good ya’all!

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14 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap Up 14/10/07

  1. Hi there,
    I was about to tell you about the amazing coincidence between your blog name and the Norwegian word for avalance (snøskred) when I read in your author file that there is no coincidence at all! :) Which begs the question – how on Earth did you come up with the name (sorry if I overlooked the explanation elsewhere on your blog).

    Glad to stumble across your blog. Will definitely be checking in again!

    – Heidi

  2. Just popping in to say hi. I love your wrap-ups; I added 3 new blogs to my reader/blogroll today, so thanks!

    PS – Romeo and Juliet were from Verona, which is in Italy. Maybe whoever is looking for that answer will come back here and actually read your wonderful blog.

  3. Thanks for the linkie! There’s a lot of good selections there, even though it’s a bit shorter than normal and I’ve tabbed them open to have a good look. Your site is looking great! :)

  4. Hi snoskred

    Since you told me about the $100 free reviews voucher I thought it only fair that the first place I spent it was here :-)

    Do you get paid the whole $50 or do they take a commission out of it first?

  5. Neerav – It is a good deal. ;) Plus I learnt a lot from the process..

    Heidi – I chose the name snøskred from the Norwegian –> American dictionary. I used it with the funny ø at first but people didn’t know how to make the ø so eventually I used a normal o instead. ;) Lucky you being in Norway – I love the language, it is so pretty. I checked out your blog and am adding you to my feed reader. ;)

    Kirsten – I knew I knew the answer. ;) I just didn’t know what it was.. Yay! Now I don’t have to search for it.. thanks!

    Alynda – she’s sneaky like that.. ;) hehe

    Tay – You’re welcome!

    Katie – Thanks! I seem to have lost about half my normal readers, though. :(

    Neerav – They take a cut. I’m going to spend some serious time on your site over the next day or two, just so you know. ;)

    John – It sort of did – there was a major meltdown – but I got there in the end. ;)

    Thanks for the comments all! ;)

    Snøskred <– with the special ø just for today.

  6. I hopped over from De’moments and thank you so much for sharing the SR’s tips with us here. Now I can pimp my blogs a bit… :P They certainly need some advertising as visitors rate are not moving…

  7. Angeleyes – can I also suggest NaBloPoMo as a way of getting some new traffic? ;) I found so many great blogs from it last year, and they will have a randomiser which sends people to random blogs. ;)

    Thanks for your comment, I am visiting your site now!

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